Say no to dust, sweeping robots care for your family

In recent years, with the intensification of air pollution, haze has worsened, and all people are aware of the harm of haze weather to the human respiratory system. The dust that we produce in daily home cleaning can also be harmful to humans. Sweeping robots free us from harm.

l Multiple cleaning modes, greater cleaning coverage
Most sweeping robots have multiple sweep modes. Common sweeps include random sweeps, spiral sweeps, cross sweeps, Yanbian sweeps, fixed sweeps, and scheduled sweeps. Common sweeping robots such as vtvrobot will have 3-4 of them. Sweep mode. In particular, when you schedule an appointment, you can reserve a scheduled cleaning time for the sweeping robot for a period of one week. At each time, the sweeping robot will automatically perform home cleaning. In order to avoid polluting indoor air when the sweeping robot sweeps, it is possible to make an appointment to clean the family when they are not at home.

At the same time vtvrobot also added a wet drag function, sweep and drag integration, while cleaning the water can evenly wet drag, effectively prevent the generation of dust.


l Ultra-thin body, clean without dead ends


General sweeping robot body is about 9cm, there are some ultra-thin body thickness of up to about 6cm, ultra-thin body allows sweeping robot can easily drill to the table, under the sofa clean, so that all the clean corners of the home are Can clean up. In order to more conveniently clean the corners and light positions in the home, in addition to the thin body, the vtvrobot model sweeper robot has a Lelo triangle appearance to ensure full contact with the wall and ensure thorough cleaning of the home. Fully clean, so that no dust in the home can hide.

l Intelligent recharging, large battery capacity, long cleaning time


Smart recharging means that the battery automatically finds a charging cradle when it reaches a specified threshold. Although some entry-level products generally do not have this function, the current vtvrobot products basically support intelligent recharging. In addition, the sweeping robot will usually expand its own battery capacity as much as possible. If the housing area is large or the housing conditions are relatively complicated, the intelligent recharging and the large battery capacity can ensure that the sweeping robot can not complete the cleaning work once. Recharge again and successfully complete the cleaning work.


It is worth noting that not all sweeping robots that advertise smart recharging have a memory function. Some sweeping robots each need to re-find the charging cradle each time their power reaches a preset threshold. This may result in exhaustion of power. It also failed to find the charging cradle in time. The smart recharging function takes into consideration the technical capabilities of the sweeping robot, so it is necessary to choose a reliable brand.


These sweeping robots are the simplest and most basic functions. Sweeping robots with the above functions can basically accomplish home cleaning work independently, liberate people from cumbersome and polluted clean environment, and ensure the family cleanliness and also maintain people's health. .

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