Deep Sea Rover Links Up With MARS

No, they haven't found an ocean on the red planet, nor are they sending a deep sea robot to reinforce Spirit and Opportunity.

After the First Robot Rodeo, What Next?

More machines are geared up to take the bullet for the human soldier. But will they all be allowed to perform that task soon?

Packbot's Music Video

Check out the PackBot-inspired music video by Lansdowne, the top unsigned band of 2009.

Little Prince Is An Eye with a Green Thumb

90 years from now, we might be able to colonize Mars. But to actually inhabit the planet, we'll need the help of this wide-eyed robot.

Swarms & Schools - There Is Strength In Numbers

While other researchers in this field are focusing on larger, more sophisticated designs, some are showing that smaller and simpler can be better.

iRobot Should Keep An Eye On This Little UGV

Northrop Grumman is now ready to offer EyeDrive, a smaller and lighter alternative to iRobot's SUGV.

SoBEaR tells you when it's time to switch to Cranberry Juice

I'm not a frequent drinker but when I'm there when the bottle pops, I find it hard to stop. If you're like me, SOBEaR might just be our perfect drinking buddy... er b(e)ar tender.

The Robot's Turning Blue!

What good is a robot that has to be resuscitated when it stops breathing? Or why invent one that breathes in the first place?

InTouch Robot Beams Doctor's Presence Into Your Hospital Room

A medical specialist in Los Angeles can now see a patient in Washington, a second patient in Kansas, and a third in New York, in just a span of two hours ... without having to leave his chair.

Tagging the Ocean's Bottom with Robots

Deep sea robots are among the busiest smart machines today. Just when one ended its search for the black box of Flight 447 in the Atlantic, another arrived at the vicinity where another ill-fated aircraft, a Yemenia Airways jet, plunged into the depths of the Indian Ocean.

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