Can This Linux-like OS Do To Robots What Windows Did To The PC?

ROS or Robot Operating System is being introduced as an open source OS specially designed for those artificially-intelligent machines. There's a reason why robot haters might love this bit of info.

Can Anyone Say Robot Chef? This Robot Dishes Up Noodles

This chef doesn’t have any ego issues, doesn't flare up if a customer complains, and doesn't even need an apron and hat.

Muscles For The Machines

A closer look at shape memory alloys and how they can impact the future of robot motion mechanisms. Are we getting close to stuffing robots with metal tissue?

Humanoid Robot Outruns the Big Dog

In a race between a real man and a real dog, we both know that 2 legs are no match for 4. It's an entirely different story when it comes to robots though.

Video: How Fast Can Today's Robots Go?

Our news article on baseball playing robots only gave you a peek on the quickness of present-day robots. We figured one more video featuring their cousins should give you a more accurate picture.

Tomorrow's Sunflowers Won't Need the Sun

In Japan, they don't just create robots. They make sure the designs are incorporated with a touch of flamboyance. Himawari, the prototype sunflower robot is your perfect example.

German Researchers Build Flight Simulator for Flies

No matter how hard you try, it's never easy to get rid of a pesky fly. Finally, top researchers in Munich have decided to gain a deeper understanding as to why this is possible ... although their goals are not as sinister as what you probably have in mind for that fly right now.

iPhone Robot - It's Not Just Your Typical App

With all of the other people rushing to add their own iPhone apps to the growing pile (there are tens of thousands out there), getting at least recognized for the effort can be quite a tall order. Still, there are those who manage to break away from the pack with their amazing creativity. Introducing Robochan - the humanoid robot controlled by an iPhone.

One-Robot Band Plays Emo Music

When did robots ever care about the number of MySpace friends or Facebook invites they got, and produced music based on this data?

Finally! A Roomba that Can Pick Up the Remote and Nurture the Lazy in Us

Check out this modified Roomba that can deftly scoop objects up from the floor and then hand it over to a human.

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