Tomorrow's Sunflowers Won't Need the Sun

In Japan, they don't just create robots. They make sure the designs are incorporated with a touch of flamboyance. Himawari, the prototype sunflower robot is your perfect example.

German Researchers Build Flight Simulator for Flies

No matter how hard you try, it's never easy to get rid of a pesky fly. Finally, top researchers in Munich have decided to gain a deeper understanding as to why this is possible ... although their goals are not as sinister as what you probably have in mind for that fly right now.

iPhone Robot - It's Not Just Your Typical App

With all of the other people rushing to add their own iPhone apps to the growing pile (there are tens of thousands out there), getting at least recognized for the effort can be quite a tall order. Still, there are those who manage to break away from the pack with their amazing creativity. Introducing Robochan - the humanoid robot controlled by an iPhone.

One-Robot Band Plays Emo Music

When did robots ever care about the number of MySpace friends or Facebook invites they got, and produced music based on this data?

Finally! A Roomba that Can Pick Up the Remote and Nurture the Lazy in Us

Check out this modified Roomba that can deftly scoop objects up from the floor and then hand it over to a human.

Move Over Optimus Prime, NASA's Superbot Is Here!

If the movie "Transformers" is a fairytale, then NASA's shape-shifting Superbot is a fairytale come to life. One major hitch, though: this robot is not programmed to battle the Decepticons of today. No sir; its mission is much more peace-loving in nature.

A Lot To Rave About RIVA

When a robot prepares your syringes and bags in a sterile environment, it's not only reducing the time needed to do so, it also reduces the probability of contamination or even life-threatening errors.

A Boon for Baby Boomers - Robots to Assist Healthcare Practitioners

As our baby boomers enter into their golden years, the demand for healthcare is shooting up faster than the number of quality nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy graduates. Now, more than ever, we need the help of technology to fill in the gap.

Looj Video - Spill Your Guts (err.. Gutters) Out

Afraid of heights? Now, you don't need to have the guts to get your gutter cleaned. Here's a short video from CES 2009 demonstrating how this robot can do it all for you.

Video: Wiimote Controls Lego & 15-ton Robot Arms

There is lots of this stuff out there. Still, they're getting more interesting with each post, so we've decided to show you a couple of them. The first one's a Wiimote-controlled Lego-made robot arm while the second's a 15-ton grappler, also controlled by a Wiimote. 

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