Move Over Optimus Prime, NASA's Superbot Is Here!

If the movie "Transformers" is a fairytale, then NASA's shape-shifting Superbot is a fairytale come to life. One major hitch, though: this robot is not programmed to battle the Decepticons of today. No sir; its mission is much more peace-loving in nature.

A Lot To Rave About RIVA

When a robot prepares your syringes and bags in a sterile environment, it's not only reducing the time needed to do so, it also reduces the probability of contamination or even life-threatening errors.

A Boon for Baby Boomers - Robots to Assist Healthcare Practitioners

As our baby boomers enter into their golden years, the demand for healthcare is shooting up faster than the number of quality nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy graduates. Now, more than ever, we need the help of technology to fill in the gap.

Looj Video - Spill Your Guts (err.. Gutters) Out

Afraid of heights? Now, you don't need to have the guts to get your gutter cleaned. Here's a short video from CES 2009 demonstrating how this robot can do it all for you.

Video: Wiimote Controls Lego & 15-ton Robot Arms

There is lots of this stuff out there. Still, they're getting more interesting with each post, so we've decided to show you a couple of them. The first one's a Wiimote-controlled Lego-made robot arm while the second's a 15-ton grappler, also controlled by a Wiimote. 

Japan Ready To Export Cyborg Suits

Japan's Cyberdyne Inc. (yes, we know, probably the result of watching too many Terminator movies) is now in the process of exporting its highly touted HAL-5s. These full-body exoskeletons are designed to assist people with mobility problems to lift heavy objects and perform actions that would otherwise be impossible without them. 

Einstein Robot Learns Expressions On Its Own

The Einstein robot head you're seeing in the video below is no animatronic. Instead of making predictable gestures and facial expressions, this robot head from the University of California, San Diego generates facial expressions through self-guided learning.

The Sexy 2-Wheeled Waiter

In the recently concluded Fooma Japan 2009 (International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition), one exhibitor presented an elegantly-styled table that ran on 2 wheels.

The Technology Behind the Fly-Eating Robot

In our news article, "Some Robots Eat Dust - Others, Flies", we featured a box-shaped robot that, well, processed dead flies and used the produced chemicals to fuel itself in order to hunt for more bugs. Perhaps you'd want to read more about a technology that makes this possible.

Featured Robot Video - Robot Presidents for 4th of July 2009

For this year's 4th of July, Florida's Walt Disney World unveils the latest addition to their animatronic US Presidents collection: Pres. Barack Obama.

These animatronic replicas are actually programmed to speak in the same voice and exhibit trademark gestures of each president.

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