Scooba 390 - first impressions

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Scooba 390 - first impressions

Postby ilpirata » January 23rd, 2013, 7:50 am

Hi everyone,

these are my first impressions. I will edit this post once in a while to add new considerations:

Navigation system:
1) sometimes it get stuck into corners and takes a lot of time to recover. It seems that it does not recognize that an obstacle has been hit and continues in the same direction carelessly
2) it hits with a significant force obstacles and the bumper gets streaked. No damages to the obstacles identified so far.
3) the "following-wall" feature does not seem to work now (after a couple of weeks) on my unit while in the first runs it was. Maybe I have got a defective unit. I'll let you know.

Cleaning accuracy:
1) It washes at an acceptable level. Maybe it will improve when used regularly

1) The noise is significant, but can be tolerated (you can stay around while it's cleaning)

1) It does vaccum the floor but the bin is very small, so you want to vaccum the floor before you run it.

Overall impressions so far:

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