655 won't charge

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655 won't charge

Postby uoficowboy » December 10th, 2017, 5:45 pm

Hi - I just received a Roomba 655 from my mom, who no longer uses it. Unfortunately, it seems to be dead.

If I set it on the charging dock - the power light on the dock briefly flashes on (for a few seconds), then goes off again. In the meantime, the battery icon on the roomba flashes angrily at me. I let it sit like this overnight and there was no change.

I measured the dock voltage with no roomba sitting on it and it measured at about 3.2V.

I pulled the NiMH battery from the Roomba and it has 4 contacts. Going from one of the big ones to the other three, I see about 1.2V from one big contact to the other big contact, and 0 volts between that big contact and the two small contacts.

I'm guessing this battery is just over discharged and the charger is refusing to charge it? I can force some charge in via a power supply - but perhaps the battery is just dead and needs to be replaced?
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Re: 655 won't charge

Postby vic7767 » December 10th, 2017, 6:24 pm

Most Roomba owners don't realize that whenever a battery is installed inside their Roomba, it is being continuously discharged due to some circuits that never turn off, like the circuit used to receive signals from a remote control. If the Roomba is not on a charger then the battery is being discharged. If the battery remains inside the Roomba without being charged it will completely discharge in about 4 days. If left installed for more than a week or two then the internal charging system of the Roomba may not be able to recover the battery at all. If would be best to replace that pack.
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