Ineffectual Saskatchewan

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Ineffectual Saskatchewan

Postby Pspattillo » December 17th, 2017, 4:36 pm

Sorry to obfuscate title but I had to get by the question-already-answered filter because I spent hours reading here and have not found any satisfactory answer.

There is no stop time and manual (conveniently?) fails to answer this question that’s one of the first a user will ask. I wanted my Roomba, henceforth referred to by his given name, Guillermo) to clean at 2AM and he was still hard at work when I went downstairs at 9AM. I don’t wasn’t to wear him out.

Some posts suggest there is a stop algorith but I see no mention of on in accompanying manual and I’d feel better hearing something authoritative on the matter. One post suggests that the algorithm is not effective in irregular shaped rooms. I have adjoining kitchen, LR, DR with large entryways and no door.

Would the accessories used to forbid Guillermo from entering certain areas help prevent hin from cleaning continuously for 7 hours thereby shortening battery life?

Did I miss something in the manual that clarifies an might answer the question definitively? HELP!
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Re: Ineffectual Saskatchewan

Postby vic7767 » December 17th, 2017, 6:03 pm

1st question, did your Roomba actually start at 2:00am? 2nd question, what model Roomba are we discussing? 3rd, In my 12 years of running Roombas, I've never experienced a 7 hour run time.
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