Roomba 880 Brush Stopped Turning

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Roomba 880 Brush Stopped Turning

Postby kxaz145 » January 8th, 2018, 3:11 pm

It was time for the monthly Roomba 880 detailed cleaning steps, but I happened to notice the brush was turning intermittantly, then stopped altogether. I backed out the screw holding the spinning brush and removed it. Lo and behold there was a bunch of crud around the motor which I blew out with the air hose and reattached the brush. Completed my other cleaning steps and started a clean cycle. Brush was spinning as it should so all was well. A reminder that regular cleaning will solve or prevent problems.
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Re: Roomba 880 Brush Stopped Turning

Postby poconogal » January 8th, 2018, 4:59 pm

You are so right! I have a 581 that I got in December 2009 and except for the last year, it has been used steadily on a mostly daily basis. With a heavy load of dog hair from three large dogs! Just a few minutes spent cleaning the robot after each run and then some heavy duty cleaning, in my case, every three months which is when I disassemble the CHM and thoroughly clean that as well as every nook and cranny and wheel and everything else you can possibly clean on the robot, and I have had no problems. There will sometimes be a very occasional, slight hiccup like the Roomba going through the lighthouse when it should not have or not going through when it should have but other than that, 581 is problem free. And whenever a little hiccup would occur, which could be once every six months or year, it resolves itself in the next run. So a little maintenance on these robots certainly goes a long way!

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