Does Roomba go up the wall like Neato?

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Does Roomba go up the wall like Neato?

Postby Glowball » May 6th, 2018, 11:54 am

I have new furniture and my Neato is unable to negotiate it, so I'm considering replacing my Neato Botvac Connected with the Roomba 980. The issue is how Neato turns around. My furniture has bars about 4 inches from the floor, like a bar stool would have the bars for foot rests. Neato goes under the bar, and then the round locator part on the top hits the bar because that part is too tall. Then it's stuck.

The way Neato turns around is the issue. For example, if it's stuck in a corner it will back up the wall to turn around. In my case, it can't raise up any higher because it's mostly under the bars. It also doesn't back up, so it can't get out.

I had a Roomba 570 back in the day and I remember it trying to push up when stuck over something, but I don't remember it trying to do that if it wasn't over the top of anything. Will the 980 be able to back up if it can't go any farther, or will it get stuck, too? Thanks!
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Re: Does Roomba go up the wall like Neato?

Postby vic7767 » May 7th, 2018, 12:44 pm

The Roomba does not raise its rear end up to escape an area.
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