Replacement batteries and chargers compatibility

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Replacement batteries and chargers compatibility

Postby bedovlat » May 29th, 2018, 12:42 pm

Hi everyone. I guess this question pertains to many Roomba series as their batteries and chargers look all the same.

My original battery was dead, and I decided to buy a new and stronger one. Chasing the lowest price (admittedly not very wise, but I am not an expert anyway) I bought the following on aliexpress, ... 84366.html

The original charger ~24V ~500mA charged the new battery extremely slowly; after 24 hours of charging, say, it would last some 10 minutes. I naively decided that the low current probably doesn't manage to charge the higher capacity battery, and started too look for a fast charger. Seeing that iRobot itself offers fast chargers with ~22V ~1.25A I decided that these parameters should be safe, and again bought something from aliexpress, ... 64354.html

When set to charge, the first sign of warning was a constant beep. After some 2 hours of charging, I came back to discover that the battery has exploded together with the charger.

Now I don't understand the reasoning here. Why should this happen given that the battery and the charger, probably cheap and bad, but exactly matched the brand parameters? More importantly, now that I need to by a new battery, how can I make sure that my original charger isn't too slow on it, or if I buy a new fast charger, that the same story doesn't repeat? Where is the logic behind all this?

Thank you very much.
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