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Comprehensive List of Models

PostPosted: June 9th, 2018, 2:01 pm
by ps0001
Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of Roomba model numbers online? It'd be nice to have a list of all models and their respective features, but even a list of just model numbers would be helpful (i.e. something that includes every model ever made, from the original series to the 980). I'm really surprised I couldn't find one through Google. I searched the forums here, and Wikipedia too, but I'm coming up empty handed. Does this list exist? Thanks!

Re: Comprehensive List of Models

PostPosted: June 9th, 2018, 10:34 pm
by ps0001
I have no idea if this is exhaustive, but I looked at past versions of the Roomba page on Wikipedia and pieced together this list. I also searched iRobot's press releases to confirm a few details:

The list has 71 models from 2002 to 2017, from the original "Roomba" model to the 690 and 890 (which I believe are the newest). If another list doesn't already exist, maybe we can all collaborate to ensure this one is accurate and updated.

Re: Comprehensive List of Models

PostPosted: June 11th, 2018, 4:18 am
by robotreviews
Unfortunately, no it doesn't exist, and it is something that I have been really wanting to do for a very long time.

The list you compiled is very good, and from a quick glance I would say that it's fairly close to if not a complete list of models that iRobot officially released at retail in the US, and if it's not it's certainly the most complete one I have seen to date!

There are A LOT of additional model numbers, as iRobot really likes to make unique model numbers based on region, exclusive variants for specific retailers or even re-releasing older models with new model numbers. Sister models made for different regions like the 960, 961 and the 966 are usually identical save for color changes, but retailer exclusive models like the Roomba 805 at Costco are usually different enough to be a unique model, although they are sometimes just international models with slightly different retail packaging or bundled accessories.

So, while there are definitely a lot more model numbers, I think what you have compiled are the best ones to start with. Comparing features and specifications between generations is tricky because of the constant revisioning and the difficulty in comparing quantitatively across generations, but it is definitely something that I am actively working on and am interested in finding out what people think are the most important features and specifications to include.

Re: Comprehensive List of Models

PostPosted: June 11th, 2018, 10:58 am
by ps0001
Thanks for your reply! It's unfortunate that they complicated their numbering scheme so much. I tried to include as many different model numbers as I could find, even if they only differed by one digit (e.g. 560 and 562).

I agree that tracking features, etc. would be a big task. Wikipedia deleted the model comparison tables in 2016, but these are the features their tables had:

  • AeroForce
  • Aerovac bin Series 1
  • Aerovac bin Series 2
  • Cliff Detect
  • Dirt Detect Series 1
  • Dirt Detect Series 2
  • Escape behavior
  • Full bin indicator
  • HEPA-filter
  • iAdapt
  • iAdapt 2.0
  • Multiple room
  • Scheduler

And these are the accessories they tracked in their tables:

  • Auto-on virtual wall
  • Extra brushes
  • Extra filter
  • IR remote control
  • Lighthouse virtual wall
  • Reserve brushes
  • Reserve filter
  • RF command station
  • Virtual wall

To start, perhaps it would be more helpful to simply know which model numbers represent the same model, and which ones represent distinct models.

Re: Comprehensive List of Models

PostPosted: June 18th, 2018, 7:42 pm
by c_mart
The wayback machine has a capture of the Wikipedia page. August 2014 is the latest one with the more detailed model information far as I can tell.

Re: Comprehensive List of Models

PostPosted: June 18th, 2018, 8:07 pm
by ps0001
Thanks! Wikipedia actually archives copies of all pages after each edit, so I believe we have the same information. I'm attaching a list of what I currently have below; it's the same as what's in that spreadsheet above, but I want a copy of the information here that doesn't rely on an external site.

Code: Select all
Year,   Model,   Name
2002,   N/A,   Roomba
2002,   N/A,   Roomba Pro
2002,   N/A,   Roomba Pro Elite
2004,   1000,  Dirt Dog
2004,   4000,  Roomba
2004,   4100,  Roomba Red
2004,   4105,  Roomba Sage
2004,   4110,  Roomba Sage
2004,   4130,  Roomba Clean Blue
2004,   4150,  Roomba Silver
2004,   4188,  Roomba Pink Ribbon Edition
2004,   4210,  Roomba Discovery
2004,   4220,  Roomba Discovery SE
2004,   4225,  Roomba Scheduler
2004,   4260,  Roomba Scheduler
2005,   416,   N/A
2005,   4230,  Roomba Scheduler
2006,   400,   N/A
2006,   4170,  Roomba Sage for Pets
2006,   Unkwn, Roomba Discovery for Pets
2006,   Unkwn, Roomba Scheduler with Intelli-Bin
2007,   505,   N/A
2007,   510,   N/A
2007,   521,   N/A
2007,   530,   N/A
2007,   532,   N/A
2007,   534,   N/A
2007,   535,   N/A
2007,   545,   N/A
2007,   550,   N/A
2007,   552,   N/A
2007,   555,   N/A
2007,   560,   N/A
2007,   562,   N/A
2007,   564,   N/A
2007,   570,   N/A
2007,   571,   N/A
2007,   572,   N/A
2007,   580,   N/A
2007,   581,   N/A
2007,   585,   N/A
2007,   595,   N/A
2007,   610,   N/A
2007,   611,   N/A
2011,   760,   N/A
2011,   770,   N/A
2011,   780,   N/A
2012,   620,   N/A
2012,   630,   N/A
2012,   650,   N/A
2012,   660,   N/A
2012,   790,   N/A
2013,   880,   N/A
2014,   651,   N/A
2014,   655,   N/A
2014,   661,   N/A
2014,   765,   N/A
2014,   775,   N/A
2014,   870,   N/A
2015,   632,   N/A
2015,   772,   N/A
2015,   776,   N/A
2015,   782,   N/A
2015,   785,   N/A
2015,   786,   N/A
2015,   980,   N/A
2016,   614,   N/A
2016,   960,   N/A
2017,   690,   N/A
2017,   890,   N/A