595 home base issue

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595 home base issue

Postby jayoldschool » June 20th, 2018, 6:47 pm

First post!

Have a 595 that I bought new. Kept it on dock, scheduled three times a week. Had no problem doing a big single floor of hardwood, two bed, bath, kitchen/dining. Approx 1000sq ft. At some point, I unplugged it and deleted the schedule when we were traveling for a couple weeks. I now know that is bad. After, I would start to find the 595 in different places in the house. Presumed the battery is starting to fail. However, I noticed the home base had been moved. Thought perhaps it pushed home base, then simply kept running until dead. These days, I've been charging direct on the side port, and starting cleaning. It will go a few feet and die. If I charge again, and start cleaning right after green appears, it will go for half hour to an hour!

After starting to research batteries, I found this site. Great resource. I've downloaded the service manual (thanks), and run the DOCK and FORCE FIELD test. It docks fine and begins to charge. When trying the force field test, the 595 will turn, hit the wall, follow, and simply shove the home base out of the way.

To sum up, I think I have two problems
1. Dying battery
2. Home base force field issue (or a problem on board the 595)

I don't have any lighthouses to help with troubleshooting, but do have two virtual walls that the 595 does recognize and respects.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Re: 595 home base issue

Postby vic7767 » June 20th, 2018, 11:24 pm

From your description it would appear that the home base has a defective IR emitter responsible for the 360 degree avoidance signal that is generated from the top of the home base. Your battery is also below par and replacement will improve your 595 runtime.
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Re: 595 home base issue

Postby jayoldschool » June 22nd, 2018, 11:18 am

Exactly my deductions as well. Thank you for the input. I just watched it operate, I have it on a Mon-Fri schedule now. After starting, I watched it eventually shove the dock along the wall. I moved the dock back. It went to work for about 35 min before light went orange, was in view of dock, but went red before making it back.

I'll pick up a battery and a dock soon.

Can you see the IR beacon if you use a cell phone camera? This is possible with TV remotes due to the camera's wider response than the human eye. I'll go check it out. <edit> no, can't see IR on camera from base nor the VW.
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