New battery in Scooba 450 - how to do it correctly?

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New battery in Scooba 450 - how to do it correctly?

Postby hj_hoberg » July 30th, 2018, 5:51 am

Hi everyone

I have just installed a new battery today. It’s a Li-Ion 14,4 v 4500mAh.
The old original was also 14,4 v but Ni-Mh 3000mAh.

The latter has been used since I got my Scooba for about 3 years ago. It has permanently been plugged in main outlet.

I max used my Scooba once a month or less. Is that to be expected with only about 100 charge cycles for the original battery?

The new battery is litium Ion. Is there a recommended “correct” way to treat it? My cleaning cycles is more one weekend pr month where I use Scooba several times over the weekend, and then it actually is not in use at all until next months cleaning cycle.

Could I, or should I, charge it the day before and let the power adaptor be plugged in all weekend when Scooba is beeing used, and when finish using Scooba - fully charge it, before pulling the adaptor out from main outlet?

Hope you understand what I need an answer about :D

hj_hoberg :text-imnewhere:

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Re: New battery in Scooba 450 - how to do it correctly?

Postby vic7767 » July 30th, 2018, 9:33 am

Your new LI battery will be charged just like a NiMH pack. You can do as you suggested and charge it just before using your 450 then recharge it just before removing it from the 450 until the next time you plan to use it again. Another charging session should be performed prior to a new run.

The reason to remove the battery from your 450 is that it will discharge if left installed without plugging in the power supply. There are internal circuits that place a constant discharge on the battery as long as it is installed.
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