Charge Err7 head-scratcher...

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Charge Err7 head-scratcher...

Postby Brett » September 3rd, 2018, 10:46 pm

Go to " * " below if you don't want the WHOLE story...

Customers' 780 came in for a service and new battery. Fitted a new Lithium (own-branded Li with cell-balancing etc - been flogging these for ~1yr with great results), all diagnostics clear, charged overnight all good. Returned to customer.

He then reported Err7. I thought that thermistor might be 'borderline' - changed battery for another new one. Later he again reported Err7. Weird. Collected the machine. Couple of days later tested. Charged - no problem. Left it on the charger while I "thought about it" (aka carried on with other machines). A dinner guest bumped it off the charger - so I put it on again. ~30 min later: Err7!

* So this is what happens: If it needs charge - all works fine. When it's fully charged, if you take it off charge and put it on again, it doesn't go green as expected, but it pulses orange and later Err7.

> I have changed batteries (2 lithiums & 1 Nickel) that were okay on other machines
> I have put TWO different motherboards (big board only) in

No change!! Same weird err mode.
Is the smaller motherboard (the UI board) involved in charging at all? Might try swapping it anyway because I'm at wits end!
Anything else I'm missing?

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Re: Charge Err7 head-scratcher...

Postby vic7767 » September 4th, 2018, 9:29 am

May possibly get a clue monitoring the charging report via the SCI.
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