Brush vs Roller

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Brush vs Roller

Postby leonicholson » November 9th, 2018, 9:19 pm

Are there any actual user comparisons of the physical amount of hair and dust picked up by one vs the other?
I'm using a 695 (brush).
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Re: Brush vs Roller

Postby vic7767 » November 10th, 2018, 12:11 am

The extractor style brush is designed to capture hair and larger debris into both ends of the tube. This prevents hair from wrapping around the extractors.
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Re: Brush vs Roller

Postby RTC » November 10th, 2018, 12:44 am

Small amounts of longer hairs do still occasionally wrap around the middle of the extractors, getting stuck. Cutting them with a small scissors easily allows them to be removed when the extractors are out.

I also once had the 980 pick up over 10 feet of thread from a spool that had fallen on the floor, causing the extractors to jam and the 980 to stop with an error. Removing the extractors and cutting the loops of thread (as with stuck long hairs) quickly restored operation. I would expect that removing that much thread from the older brush design would be more difficult and time consuming.
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Re: Brush vs Roller

Postby leonicholson » November 10th, 2018, 11:56 am

I understand the better handling of longer hair, but am interested in the amount of dust, short hair, etc. - the actual volume of debris picked up. Do the roller models pick up as well or better than the brush models on low pile carpet and hard floors? (The comb door on my 695's bin handles longer hair ok)
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Re: Brush vs Roller

Postby piokrza » November 11th, 2018, 9:13 am

I have tested both brush-780 and roller-870 in my rug/carpet/hard wood floor area and I prefer brush-780 in my opinion it better handles fibers and leaves nicer, 'freshly-vacuumed' pattern on rug, instead of these pesky marks lefted by rollers.
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Re: Brush vs Roller

Postby George Jetson » November 17th, 2018, 2:51 pm

Well, I'm going to be the contrarian...
I used a 560 with brushes for over 10 years and was happy with it's performance (combo of berber/hard surface, using both the original "squeegee" bin and one modded to replicate an AeroBin). I (finally!) upgraded to a 960 recently and have noticed what I'd characterize as better cleaning performance, but IMO you have to look at a couple of other factors besides just brushes vs. extractors:

1) IMO the old random foraging scheme is more thorough than the new linear scheme is on a single pass. When the 960 is set to a double-pass though, it matches the 560's effectiveness in my environment. This based on the amount of left-behind debris I notice.

2) Re-routing suction to the middle of the extractors on 8XX and up robots is more effective than the older "squeegee" bin or Aero-Vac bin. The lack of hair left behind on the extractors/bearings of the 960 is nothing short of a miraculous revelation compared to my 560 as far as I'm concerned.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that on hard surfaces, when set to two-passes, my 960 and its extractors match my 560 and its brushes when comparing "how clean" the floor looks, and exceeds the performance of the 560 when comparing the contents of the bin after the run. Based on the amount of daily maintenance required between the 560 and 960, it's not even a contest.

Not very scientific I know, but let's leave it at this: I almost feel like an idiot for not upgrading sooner and am solidly in the "Been nice knowin' ya brushes" camp. Hahahahaha

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