Roomba 800 (880) strange issues with dock-charger

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Roomba 800 (880) strange issues with dock-charger

Postby Sagrat » November 14th, 2018, 12:19 pm


I have a Roomba 880 that I just repaired. I found a cheap replacement board (not tested) on ebay. The previous one has some dysfunctions with motors drivers and I can't find the faulty components.

When I received the new board (4394220) I notice some components was ruined by rust especially D46, D47 and a missing Q62. I took these ones on the old board and place them on the new board. I also have fix some bad traces. These component seems to be a part of power/charge circuit.

After this, the Roomba power UP and works flawlessly but... it has some strange behavior when it's on its dock.

- First, dock's LED does not light up. It's stay to blink status as though there is no robot docked on it. Normally when robot is docked the dock's LED light up.
- however, battery seem to be charge correctly.
- when robot is docked, CLEAN button does not work. It's power up the robot but does not start a cleaning process when I press more than one time.
- cleaning schedule does not work when the robot is docked
- clean button and cleaning schedule work when I remove the robot from the dock.

Some questions :

- why clean button and cleaning schedule task does not work when the robot is docked ?
- what are the specification of D46, D47 and Q62 ?
- Have you a schematic of power / charge circuitry ?

I can provide photos.

Thanks for your help. :wink:
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Re: Roomba 800 (880) strange issues with dock-charger

Postby TechGuy » November 16th, 2018, 9:46 am

Roomba is thinking that it is charging using the side jack. This is the reason why Roomba Roomba can't be started on schedule or using clean button.
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