T'shooting a Charging Base

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T'shooting a Charging Base

Postby lothian » November 18th, 2018, 5:19 pm

My "integrated charging base" does not seem to be working.


I noticed that the roomba stopped returning to the charging base, nor charge when set on to the contacts. The vac checks out as OK, so I suspect the charging base might be the problem.

I believe the green LED on the the charging base is supposed to flash intermittently, probably to indicate power. But this one isn't. When I plug it in, the LED glows steady for 5 seconds, then goes dark and never flashes afterwards.

Do the charging bases go bad..? Is there some better t'shooting procedure I can perform on the charging base to determine if the thing is genuinely facocta?
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Re: T'shooting a Charging Base

Postby RTC » November 18th, 2018, 7:05 pm

One question. Is it plugged into a UPS?

If so unplug it and either plug it directly into the wall or a surge suppressor.
I have a 980 and my base got totally confused when I accidentally plugged it into the UPS in the room (e.g. Roomba could not find home). There is a sentence in the battery section of the manual that operating on a "power converter" can damage the unit. A UPS is one type of "power converter".

Note: iRobot's customer support people are not aware of this! I tried to explain it to them, finally gave up and told them to consult their own engineers.
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