3 Scooba 5800s going going

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3 Scooba 5800s going going

Postby OldeScoobaGuy » December 19th, 2018, 2:45 pm

I have 3 iRobot scooba 5800. They are complete. Have 3 light houses, and 2 chargers.
Complete(except for 3rd charger. The batteries I’m sure are dead but they all where running and got put on shelf several years ago. I can not gaurentee they work. I think they al, where put on shelf for a reason like battery or something non major and where just never troubleshoot. But nonetheless They are complete, prob would be repaired easily by someone on here that want to repair them. Or Parts parts parts.

So let’s get them from my house to yours. If someone feels they have value I’ll take whatever for them.
If not I’ll put them in a box and ship them to someone who wants them for free (except you got to send my a shipping label)

I just want them out of my work area in garage and don’t want to just pitch them. I know somebody looking for parts or could get them running.

I’ll provide pictures if interested.
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Re: 3 Scooba 5800s going going

Postby rob111gb » December 19th, 2018, 6:25 pm

Hi, if nobody else is interested I’d be willing to try and attempt to get something working. Let me know what you want for them, also if you’re within a reasonable distance of central Scotland I’d be willing to come and collect to save any hassle of packing & sending them off. Let me know either way.

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