Newer bots improve performance how much over 875?

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Newer bots improve performance how much over 875?

Postby robott » February 11th, 2019, 11:13 am

I've looked at how 875 performs for couple of cleaning cycles and I've noticed a couple of issues although in general it is a lot better than cheap vacuum robot that it replaced that I had for two weeks.

First, near carpet edges, even very low carpets, it seems to do quite poor. I've seen it run over loose debris multiple times and just not pick it up. Would newer model be much better? It seems more suction power would help.

Second, it bumps quite hard into many things, almost always into dark but even into light furniture legs. It is more of an issue with this than the cheap bot because this runs like double the speed and weights more. Would newer models be any better?
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Re: Newer bots improve performance how much over 875?

Postby robott » February 14th, 2019, 9:09 am

To answer my second question, I had a Roomba 605 for test that was much gentler on furniture and the floor, probably because it had lower top speed. Also it seemed to see light colored furniture legs better. For example, 875 would bang hard on the floor with its backside when entering thick wool carpet and when leaving it it would actually slide with its wheels due to hard breaking so it wouldn't smash into bed.
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Re: Newer bots improve performance how much over 875?

Postby Techsaavy » February 20th, 2019, 3:24 pm


Both robots have many differences, some of which include the battery, brushes, filters, cleaning head and even vacuum motors. The Roomba 605 works with a bristle and rubber brush and thus this would allow it to perform better on carpets and the hardwood. The only downside to this is that you would need to clean it more if you have a lot of pets. The 805 uses rubber brushes that are not so effective on carpets.

iRobot uses its light touch bumper technology on their robots which are located on the right side of the bumper and lets the robot follow very closely along walls and around objects (like furniture) without touching them. This means it can clean pretty close up to these obstacles without bumping into them. It also determines its own cleaning path using what iRobot says is a pre-set algorithm that achieves complete floor coverage. The robot may be less effective at sensing objects and slowing down when used on extremely dark or black surfaces, or when objects are less than 2 in ( 50 mm ) wide.

Also, most irobot vacuums use localization cameras to navigate and so extremely dark rooms or areas could cause problems with navigation and coverage. Unfortunately, if that area is accessible the robot may find its way and possibly get stuck. If the 875 is bumping into object extremely hard, it could mean that those sensors are damaged.
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Re: Newer bots improve performance how much over 875?

Postby drunkpenguin » February 21st, 2019, 11:41 am

I have 2 800 series and the cleaning power has never been an issue. They pick up everything. They do bump into some things but never hard enough to damage anything. You really need to robot proof the house as much as possible. I have a 960 coming so I'll be able to comment on the difference in a few days. I mainly bought it because we want to keep the charger out of sight. With the 800 series they really need the chargers in a central place so they can find it.

Also, with a random nav unit set it to run when you're not home. It will drive you crazy if you are sitting there watching it. But they will get everything clean eventually.
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