scooba 450 unable to charge/run a lithium battery

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scooba 450 unable to charge/run a lithium battery

Postby kengell » June 10th, 2019, 12:28 am

I have 3 different Lithium batteries that I have tried to use with my Scooba 450, I cannot charge them on the dock or with the OEM power cord while in the Scooba. One of the batteries I was able to charge until the light was green on my Rooma 600 series, but when I moved it to the Scooba and put it on the dock the charging light flashed for a while as if charging and then I got an error 5 message and the red exclamation point. When I push the exclamation point she says" I'd love to start cleaning but My battery is not quite full". The same thing happens with the other batteries the Scooba tries to charge them and then errors out. One battery is made by Lithium Power inc, another by Melasta, and this is the third ... UTF8&psc=1

I updated the firmware today, but still the same issue. Can a lithium battery be used in the Scooba 450? If it can any suggestions to make it work? I don't understand why I could charge one of them up in another Rooma, switch it to the Scooba and it still wouldn't work. I only tried this with one of the batteries.

Oh and the original NiMH iRobot battery still works it just doesn't have enough juice to complete the room.
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Re: scooba 450 unable to charge/run a lithium battery

Postby vic7767 » June 10th, 2019, 10:12 am

All the Lithium packs designed for use in the iRobot products have a Power Control Module that is designed to mimic a NiMH chemistry battery. If the 3 packs you have won't charge in the 450 but will charge in other Roomba models then you can suspect an issue with the 450. There may be a clue in the battery charging data that is output via the SCI port during the charging process.
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