Roomba & Scooba info, fixes and mods.

The very latest news and updates for the iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum, the Scooba Robotic Washer and the Dirt Dog workshop sweeper. All discussion and troubleshooting questions go here.

Roomba & Scooba info, fixes and mods.

Postby robotreviews » July 11th, 2006, 11:45 am

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Here are some helpful links to some of the most popular threads on cleaning and maintaining your Roomba robotic vacuum or Scooba robotic floor washer:


Changing the Dirt Detect navigation between the new "Back and Forth" method to the older "Circles" method. (Thanks to fufu for sharing this information)

Roomba 7xx Owner's Manual (Thanks to Tobor for finding this.)

I uploaded the manual so RR has a local copy of it as well:
Roomba 7xx Owner's Manual.pdf
Roomba 7xx Owner's Manual
(2.66 MiB) Downloaded 3248 times

Roomba 7xx Diagnostics Mode, aka BiT information. (Thanks goes to Tobor for discovering this for us.)

Roomba 7xx Built-In-Test (BiT) list (34 different tests and a Summary following them).


Current 4xx, 5xx, 6xx Rooma Comparison chart (If link is broken, PM a moderator.)

Roomba 5xx 9 Beep Fix (Thanks to Avi99911 for creating this page)

Roomba 5xx Series How to Mod the Green CHM

Roomba 5xx Service Manual (Thanks to quadfighter for finding this)

Roomba 5xx Series Lighthouse and Virtual Wall Information/Placement Guide

Roomba 5xx Series Taking Apart The Cleaning Head Module (CMH)

Roomba 5xx Series Troubleshooting Cleaning Head Module Issues

Roomba 5xx Series Dis-assembly (Courtesy of Member Vic7767).

Roomba 5xx Series "BEEP" Codes

Roomba 5xx Series Check Robot Light Codes

Roomba 5xx Series Solution To Cliff Sensors and Black Surfaces

Roomba-5xx Series False-Charging State

Roomba 5xx will not Charge on Dock


Roomba Discovery 4xxx Service Manual (Thanks to quadfighter for finding this)

Roomba Discovery 4xxx Series Cleaning/Maintenance [UPDATED]

Roomba Discovery 4xxx series Diagnostic & Dis-assembly Procedures

Roomba Discovery 4xxx Series Mission Light , Indicator Light and Beep Codes

Roomba Discovery 4xxx Series Battery Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

Roomba Discovery 4xxx Series Solution To Button Problem

Roomba Discovery 4xxx Series Firmware Date

Roomba 4xxx Born Date and Related Information

PCB Connectors, Connections and Wire color code

Roomba Warranty Information (USA/Canada)

Roomba Original Series Articles (by SwiftRacer)

iROBOT SCOOBA 59xx/58xx:

Scooba Service Manual (Thanks to quadfighter for finding this)

Scooba Alternative Cleaning Solutions

Scooba 59xx/58xx Series Battery and Charging procedures

Scooba 59xx Series Technical Information (By Gordon Plews)

Scooba 59xx Series Diagnostic Procedures (By Gordon Plews)

Scooba 58xx and 59xx : OSMO Update Information

Scooba 5800 green Check Tank indicator is lit

Scooba 58xx green Check Tank indicator is lit - Something Else To Try

Scooba Warranty Information (USA/Canada)


Scooba 230 Owner's Manual

Scooba 230 Quick Start Guide

Scooba 230 Owner's Manual (Local Copy):
Scooba 230 Owner's Manual.pdf
(5.18 MiB) Downloaded 1771 times

Scooba 230 Quick Start Guide (Local Copy):
Scooba 230 Quick Start Guide.pdf
(1.97 MiB) Downloaded 1295 times

Please feel free to suggest other topics that should be included in this post, or anything else that you'd like to see included here.


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