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Postby rtwo » February 9th, 2018, 2:01 pm

Hello all. Newbie here. Am considering buying a robovac and am wondering what are reasonable expectations.

How long should I expect it to last before needing replacement?

Does it work to set it about its task in one room with the door closed and when it's done move it and the dock to another?

Are robovacs in the $2-300 price range junk?

3/4 of my floors are hardwood.
1/4 is short pile carpet.
I have no pets or children.
My house is on two levels.
There is a hardwood ramp (angled floor).
I don't expect it to bring me coffee or replace my once a week vacuuming.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Expectations

Postby glnc222 » February 9th, 2018, 5:18 pm

Certainly they can be used in one room. Some of the newest, most expensive models have features to map the entire house and retain the maps, unlike previous generations -- "persistent mapping". The most expensive Samsung Powerbot supposedly can be directed to travel from the dock to any selected room and just do that one, though how well this works in all cases is not clear.

There is a wide range of features sold at different price points, so it depends on whether these are of interest.
For example, one of the latest wrinkles is automatically increasing the suction power on carpets, with more sensor technology. (This can allow longer run time, more area coverage, by conserving power on hard floors needing less to clean.)

For cleaning carpets -- I have wall-to-wall I prefer a more expensive type with higher suction power, though there is no comprehensive data (my own measurements with instruments about all I see).

There are different area coverage capacities, depending on battery size: e.g. Neato sells a cheaper D3 model with a smaller battery and run time, though the larger D5 model battery can be used as replacement for much larger coverage.

How long they last seems to depend on the quality of construction and design. The mechanical lidar types, innovative when introduced a dozen years ago, have lots of repairs reported here after a couple years intensive use, while some owners have had them several years without problems. Electronics defects are also reported, except in my preference for Samsung, a major electronics supplier to industry. They make a wide range of models at different prices.

Every brand has their ardent fans and critics. The technology is pushing the envelope, with a very challenging task to handle varied flooring and furniture with such light weight, low power devices.

Note that with most models filters need to be purchased (though I made my own), while with Samsung a washable filter has lasted years. Some people want a very fine HEPA filter, however, something I see little need for and have separate room air cleaners and finer furnace filters.

Whether a particular bot can climb your ramp between levels would have to be tested. It can pay to get from a retailer with generous return policy.

Some bargains can be found in open-box and used robots but with some beware of needing to replace a battery which has been worn out in long use (less relevant on open-box or recent returns).
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Re: Expectations

Postby leonicholson » February 9th, 2018, 7:37 pm

Are robovacs in the $2-300 price range junk?

I use an Ebay Roomba 595 $100 used one daily without a problem. It is simple, not wifi, but effective.
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Re: Expectations

Postby vic7767 » February 9th, 2018, 8:18 pm

leonicholson wrote:I use an Ebay Roomba 595 $100 used one daily without a problem
That model Roomba when new was in the $300 -$400 price range. When shopping for a robotic vac, look for ease of part replacement as well as ease of fault identification. That Roomba you picked up on ebay has a history of 15 years of changes and improvements that make it a good performer and fairly easy to perform minor to medium maintenance efforts without complications.
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