Review of Dyson 360 Eye

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Review of Dyson 360 Eye

Postby EYE063NOSYD » August 28th, 2017, 3:49 pm

***(Please Skip down further, if you wish to see my breakdown of the Pros and Cons of the 360 Eye)***

Firstly, my experience with robotic vacuums has been with 3 Roomba Discovery's and a Cleanmate. I was a early adopter of robotic vacuums, and always liked the concept of a robot cleaning your floors.
There were a few reasons WHY I decided to purchase the 360, as opposed to upgrading to the latest Roomba or testing the waters with another brand.
1. I did not want a random pattern to clean, robots of the past and still many of the current, continue to use this method. Bouncing around and cleaning. It's very inefficient, and many areas are cleaned too much or not at all.
2. I wanted a robot with GOOD cleaning ability, The need for strong suction and good brush roll to tackle not just hard surfaces, but carpet efficiently.
3. I wanted to go with a brand with a quality product. I have used Dysons products before and they make a well built/functioning Vacuum. Dyson has also been around for some time and has credibility. My Roomba's went to the shop far too often, and I have friends with the competition facing a similar fate.
Right out of the box the 360 was easily setup. Hookup to the charger, sync your phone (in my case, iPad) to the 360, then sync your 360 to your wifi. All of this was finished in 5 minutes and explained easily through the app. Through this app you can name, schedule, check status, watch the travel path, and also access several how to, and troubleshooting articles/videos.
After charging I let the robot begin cleaning, and I watched to see if there were any trouble spots in my home. The 360 avoided walls, navigated around my dining room furniture, and cleared all rugs 'hassle free'. I then set a schedule and the rest is history. The 360 will now clean my home while we're at work, 3 days a week.
Noise level from this vacuum is above average, sounding more like a vacuum. This unit was able to pickup nearly everything in its path, the canister and filters are easy to access and clean. The tracks (replacing wheels) helped cross carpets, rugs, and other terrain effortlessly. Top LED's showcase different warnings, pauses, and charge status. Build quality is very good, and nothing on the robot seems delicate.
Dyson 360 cleaning

Of course cleaning quality aside, the main difference from the competition is cleaning method. The 360 cleans by way of mapping, by that it uses a camera and sensors. The 360 eye pinpoints areas in a room, helps the robot from bouncing and hitting objects, and side sensors also aid the robot. Your home is cleaned in squares and is mapped where the 360 has been, knowing where it started (the charger) and where it has not been. I watched this robot drive past me to the kitchen where it hadn't cleaned yet, to finish the house.
So in my short time of ownership, I can recommend the Dyson Eye. I will say this, however; robotic vacuums ARE NOT for everybody. If your home is cluttered, multi-layered, or not a robot friendly setup...then it's best to avoid robots entirely. Robotic vacuums make great use of cutting down major vacuuming, or cleaning up after pets, but; generally work best in open and less cluttered environments. Robotic vacuums are also at a point where they cannot climb stairs, so unless you divide the vacuums time for each level, it cannot be cleaned as efficiently.
After reading many reviews before and after purchase (on many sites), I felt I needed to back this vacuum up. I feel many of the negatives are pointed towards clean time and the machine pausing. The 360 is not the fastest robot vacuum, and must charge after 45 minutes at best, but that's not a concern. These are appliances, it will clean your home while you are at work, or when given the time, if you sit and watch this vacuum it will not move as wildly as a competitor. I also see negatives pointed at the mapping technology and the app itself, both of which I have seen work efficiently and quickly. The 360 doesn't back track itself, and has managed to get out of tight situations, without hitting my walls and furniture, and the app is easy to understand and direct.
I hope this little review gives you an idea of my experiences, and will help you make an educated decision in purchasing, this, or any robotic vacuum.

- Easy App navigation and setup. Easy robot setup.
- One of the best, if not THE BEST at actually cleaning floors.
- Root cyclone Technology, 2 filter system.
- Easy to empty bin, and easy to clean brush roll.
- No issues docking
- Mapping equals Efficient cleaning, no backtracking or wasted time.
- Camera limits furniture and wall contact
- 2 year warranty, sturdy build quality.
- Track and schedule with the app, easy software updating.
- Tank tracks clear majority of flooring surfaces

- Frequent charging times
- Louder then the competition
- Dust bin on the small side
- Needs light to navigate properly
- Hefty Price tag

9/10. Hands down, surpassed my expectations, and the first robot vacuum I have owned to actually clean my home efficiently and as close to a upright.

I pulled that review from my amazon review I posted a while back, I understand many if not all on here are familiar and understand the limitations of robotic vacuums.

If anybody has any questions regarding the Dyson 360, please feel free to ask, or I can make a video to help answer any questions.
Please feel free to watch my overview and my other clips of the Dyson 360 running.
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Re: Review of Dyson 360 Eye

Postby EYE063NOSYD » December 13th, 2018, 10:13 pm

Thought I would update my review, with 2 years of ownership under my belt currently, and 100’s of hours cleantime on the machine.

Software : Improvements have been made to the APP and software a total of three times since I’ve owned, quite mode runs LONGER, manuals added through the APP, and patches are installed through each update.

Wear : The sides have a few scuffs, nothing significant. The brush bar has wear to the carbon (black) fibers, Dyson replaced my brush bar when requested. Tire tracks, wheels, and everything is as good as day 1 and runs flawlessly.
Battery life has not changed, and no faults have been displayed.

Cleaning : We moved from our entirely carpeted apartment, to our nearly 100% hard floor house. The 360 cleans carpet, rugs, and hard surfaces very good. I run exclusively on quiet mode currently, just running max mode on occasion.
I stand behind my review, and say that Dyson has the robot vacuum to beat when it comes to suction power and cleaning. On Max mode, when my 360 drives over dirt (any surface), if picks it up.

The Negative : Our situation has never needed a (virtual wall) barrier, but if your home needs a barrier, this vacuum has zero options, aside from shutting a door. The brush bar will need replaced yearly if it’s cleaning hard surfaces daily, I saw no wear to the brushes, on carpet. The robot slows down significantly if you place in a dark room, or run at night.

CHANGES I WOULD MAKE : I would let you remote control the Dyson through the app for minor messes. I would also let you build virtual walls with the app, or block rooms, after the Dyson cleans and memorizes the layout.

Conclusion : This robot was put through the trials during engineering.
...and I will say, aside from the brush needing cleaned and emptying dust in the bin, the machine shows ZERO signs of fault. A co-worker of mine has shopped his Roomba 675 twice in ONE year. Any manufacturer can have its lemon, but in my past experience with my robotic vacuums, from other manufacturers, I saw Hiccups or repairs within a year.

Dyson contacted me recently, letting me know manufacturing has stopped on the 360 Eye, but parts will still be available. They also offered to let me exchange my 360 for any vacuum from their website, if I wished to do so.
A nice gesture on their part, that I did decline.

I still recommend this vacuum, as it is still available online, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Dyson 360 version 2.0 whenever that time comes.

The above is my opinion, and my EXPERIENCES, I’m not here to offend, I just feel this vacuum has a negative reputation for reasons I think are small in the realm of things. If you want a robotic vacuum that cleans in a sensible manner, and has power under the hood, the Dyson 360 Eye is the right choice.
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Re: Review of Dyson 360 Eye

Postby Botty » December 27th, 2018, 7:53 am

how does it navigate? is it random?
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Re: Review of Dyson 360 Eye

Postby vic7767 » December 27th, 2018, 10:17 am

Reading the first post will provide answers to your questions.
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Re: Review of Dyson 360 Eye

Postby n0oxy » March 25th, 2019, 7:56 pm

Is the Dyson robot even officially available in the United States? According to the Dyson web site it's out of stock, I'm not sure if the robovac ever officially launched here or if some people just imported it.
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