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PostPosted: August 19th, 2013, 4:02 pm
by billla
I sent my Roomba to ProTech Robotics in late April 2013 for a service and repair evaluation for $49.95. The notation was that turnaround was approximately 2-3 weeks and would include a complete *repair* estimate.

I ping'd them on 5/15, 6/9 and 6/22 before finally receiving a response on 6/25 (two months later) with a repair quote as below:

-Replacement 14.4v NiCD Battery for the 500 Series $59.95 (See battery details above)
-*Bumper Shell without Home Base IR sensor (BLK) $54.95 (Test 5-7/Sensor strength diminished due to damage and abrasions on the optical view lens)
-Repair Svc-CHM Cleaning and rebuild [500/600/700 Series] $39.95 (This Cleaning and Reconditioning of the CHM will not replace any component of the CHM. Please read service details before ordering.)
-Repair Svc. - Service Labor charge $50.00 (Technician bench time base rate is $50.00 per hour, 1hr minimum. Additional bench time over the initial 1hr is calculated below)
-Repair Svcs - Repaired units return shipping $0.00 (includes domestic handling charges and carrier insurance coverage) Shipping weight:US Domestic-UPS 16.5-18lbs($35.45)

Total NEEDED repair costs: $240.30

I asked them to complete the cleaning but that I would replace the battery and use plastic polish on the bumper shell vs. replacing it. They advised that this is not possible - either all the work had to be done by them or none of it. On July 4th, I asked them to just return the I could cut my losses. They advised they would ship "as quickly as possible" on 7/8.

Here's where it gets quite interesting. I paid via PayPal immediately and asked on 7/23 what the status was. They noted that it had not been paid. I responded that I had paid but it had been refunded and asked why this was the case and for the first time told them how unhappy I was with the service - at this point, I'm just trying to get my Roomba back after nearly THREE MONTHS at their shop. I then received the following:

You apparently searched our site for a cheaper shipping link and found one for a return box for $10 and paid that instead of the link I supplied. I followed up and resent the link to you and advised you that the other order would be cancelled and why. I am now canceling the shipping payment through paypal and advising you that we will only accept a bank certified check for the return postage of $42.40

Now...I have no idea what he's talking about. I had followed the link and saw that the cart was empty...I looked to find if the link was in error or what had happened, and made a choice. I received NO FOLLOW-UP, NO SECOND LINK and was NOT ADVISED THAT THE OTHER ORDER WOULD BE CANCELLED OR WHY, which he later acknowledged (see below). I tried the resent link and saw the empty cart...but with the shipping fee - OK, I guess I was supposed to get that the empty cart was what I was supposed to I paid it. It was refunded, and I then had a very rude call where the owner made clear that I was trying to rip him off as many people do - he talked over me and ignored me, and I frankly got a little raw at being called a liar and a I hung up. I sent a note advising him that there was no communication in the customer log, so clearly he didn't communicate. At this point I figure I'm just going to have to suck it up and spend another $50 and a month just to get my Roomba back.

I then receive the two notes below - one before payment, one after:

I dont see any records from me telling you that it was the wrong link so if I didn't send the "why" then I think it is at least partially my fault that there was a delay. I'm sending the unit back today once you receive it please follow the link through paypal "again" (sorry) and pay the shipping costs for the return.

My apologies that this was anything but a positive experience for you, I assure you it is not the way we want our business to operate or how we want to be characterized by as Christians.

I'll make no comment regarding the last comment from them.

For a total investment of approximately $120 and three months time, I received an incredibly negative customer service experience and absolutely nothing else.


Adding a few other links worth reviewing:

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Re: ProTech Robotics: NOT RECOMMENDED

PostPosted: August 19th, 2013, 4:38 pm
by mfortuna
I have to admit this is troubling to me. Protechrobotics used to be a highly respected contributor to robot reviews. I have seen one too many of your type of complaints.

I still like my roombas but you can get a Neato for less money than the repair costs you were quoted.

Re: ProTech Robotics: NOT RECOMMENDED

PostPosted: April 9th, 2014, 10:41 pm
by williamC
It is deemed pathetic to see someone offering customers services, but does not mentally prepared for the service part., and mentally negative to customer without understanding the customer upfront.

Re: ProTech Robotics: NOT RECOMMENDED

PostPosted: April 16th, 2014, 11:03 pm
by Farnham
We finally got the Roomba back from Protech today, 16 April 2014, more than three months and two weeks since Protech received it, last year.

I put it back together, charged it up, and we just did a brief test run. I couldn't be more DISAPPOINTED. The thing has a loud CLACKING sound coming from around the brush housing. Clack-clack, clack-clack. Surely the technician did a final check run before shipping it back to us! You certainly had it long enough.

We used Protech for a repair on another Roomba a few years ago, and the process was quick, thorough, and we were totally pleased. NOT THIS TIME. Believe me it will never happen again. Tomorrow I will begin to see what damage you have done to make this machine operated so poorly. Very, very disappointed in Protech. :(

Re: ProTech Robotics: NOT RECOMMENDED

PostPosted: June 13th, 2018, 6:09 pm
by mfortuna
As a moderator I look at the members list to make sure no new users have spam in their profile. I noticed protech and clicked on their web address to see what they were up to. Looks like they are defunct.