I am looking for (a) floor cleaning robot(s).

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I am looking for (a) floor cleaning robot(s).

Postby robomommy » May 2nd, 2014, 9:49 am

I am looking for (a) floor cleaning robot(s) to keep my new house sparkling.

Most importantly, the robot(s) would have to deal with a lot of hair. We have three dogs and three cats and three humans, all of whom shed. Two of the humans have allergies.

I would need the robot(s) to clean stained concrete floors with area rugs. The color is light - like desert sand. I am willing to vacuum the area rugs myself but to be perfectly honest I'd prefer a robot (or two) that could navigate area rugs and clean those too if that's possible.

I would run the robot(s) mostly during the night so I prefer quiet. I also can't have anything so loud it scares my dogs (they'll just bark all night).

The robot(s) would be cleaning about 900 square feet every night or every other night (living room, kitchen, hall, laundry room). The floor is flat (single story and stained concrete throughout). I would like it to do that without losing battery charge.

Cost is a factor but I'd rather first figure out the best robotic method of meeting my needs and then find a way to make it fit the budget.

I used to have a MINT that I liked a fair bit but it stopped working and I just got rid of it instead of getting it repaired. The kind of person I am, I'm unlikely to spend much time trying to unclog or repair the thing. being a typical American, I just throw things away (actually, I donate it to a thrift store, but still).

My MINT wasn't perfect though for a few reasons:
- That house had a vaulted ceiling in the living room and the north star just couldn't cope with that. So I would have the MINT clean other rooms while I cleaned that room. We worked together like a buddy system. My new house has a flat ceiling throughout.
- The MINT pad always dried out before it was finished washing the floors. So I just had it dry mop daily and I would mop the floors myself weekly.
- With an open floor plan, there was no good way to isolate it to a room and prevent it from losing it's battery charge during cleaning. This meant I could never have the MINT clean any entire space for me all at once. I would have to start it on one side one day and the next side the next day.

TIA for any recommendations, suggestions, thoughts...
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Re: I am looking for (a) floor cleaning robot(s).

Postby robomommy » May 18th, 2014, 10:56 am

Hmm, no responses?
That's OK. I'm sure it gets tiring responding to the same question over and over asked by people who show up once and never return. I get it.
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Re: I am looking for (a) floor cleaning robot(s).

Postby third_deg » May 18th, 2014, 12:56 pm

No worries....

The biggest challenge for you is noise. The 880 is quiet in carpet, and good with hair, but you have a lot of hard surfaces

The Neato is right out based on noise (trains are less annoying to hear) but the new Botvac is at least better in this regard.

The LG and Samsung robots are the quietest, but less capable cleaners than the Neato or 880.

The 880, or 870 (100 bucks cheaper) are also pricey.

I think no one responded because there is no perfect answer for you here. But I'd suggest the 870, (giving it the nod over Neato based on sound).
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