Neato dead - my vacuum os stuck please visit Web support

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Re: Neato dead - my vacuum os stuck please visit Web support

Postby neato » October 3rd, 2012, 4:41 pm

The Delta fan in the Neato is the -9Q68 version with PWM speed control and encoder feedback, which is more expensive.
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Re: Neato dead - my vacuum os stuck please visit Web support

Postby nastdude » October 9th, 2012, 2:50 am

Hi guys, ( I couldn't make a new post had to reply to a topic so sorry if I posted wrongly).
I have had my Neato since around September of 2010. It has been working absolutely like a dream up until recently.
I have a Board Rev 112 neato, and I have not had any RPS errors no troubles . It is well out of warranty and well the warranty wouldn't apply for me. because I live in Australia. It has also been updated to 2.6 and has a pet brush and filter..

My issue started a few months ago, its runs started to be really shortened and it got to the point where i'd run it and it would just say its battery needed charging. So i cheated for a while and kept pressing "new battery" and that made the neato do a run or two. then I would rinse and repeat..
I finally sucked it up and purchased neato some new battery's . I had to wait for the battery's almost 4-5 weeks because my reshipper was having issues .
My neato whilst waiting for the battery's started acting weird.
It would not do its little search of the room before it started the perimeter and it wouldn't vacuum in straight lines, it would start the straight lines then just head off in random directions or go past its perimeter, Like it didn't know it split the room into two . it just had no boundaries..

Now I thought that maybe its because the battery's are drained and that it just needs new battery's .

I got my new battery's plugged them in let it charge. Fingers crossed that this will fix the above issues.

Well it didn't, my neato is acting 'dumb' it cleans my bedroom ok but it really is a small bedroom, but as soon as I try to vacuum the lounge room, it just doesn't comprehend . still had no RPS errors . My lounge room has successfully in the past, been vacuumed by neato no worries.

I also have tried blowing out the turret with compressed air. No go, I have also wiped its wall sensor thinking that it might be that causing it.
No go.

What should I do??

I really cannot afford a new neato. I love this little thing.
I just want it working again.
can anyone offer some solutions? or is there no hope for this guy.. :(

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Re: Neato dead - my vacuum os stuck please visit Web support

Postby glnc222 » October 10th, 2012, 11:46 pm

If the motor spins the problem is in the sensors used to regulate the motor, part of which is electronics inside the motor itself, and part on the Neato system board. Neato turns on the power voltage to the motor without it spinning. A digital line then gives RPM control signals to the motor and another receives tachometer readings from the motor, with continual adjustment to obtain a specified rpm. Probably a loss of tachometer signal makes it think it is not spinning, but where the fault in that signal lies is unknown.

The vacuum motor can be exercised under USB control giving different RPM commands, in per cent for the vacuum; it normally runs at 90 per cent, the command default, as 100 is too power hungry. I don't think it is common for the connectors and wiring to fail as they are so simple.
A faulty solder joint or flaky part inside the electronics seems more likely to me, but am no expert -- you'd need service records to really know what's common.
Note Neato's post here pointing out the fully digital control version of the fan is required, which is not the cheapest one.
These fans were developed to allow changing speed in computer cooling use to avoid excessive noise and power consumption when not needed, controlled by thermostats.
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Re: Neato dead - my vacuum os stuck please visit Web support

Postby Wormshoe » January 8th, 2013, 5:38 pm

I had this happen to my XV-11 last week, The company said it means the unit came in contact with "Water" (it absolutely did NOT) , but who am I to argue with them. I removed the Dust bin and roller and allowed it to "air-out" for a few days as they suggested. This did nothing to correct the problem. They simply said "Too Bad" buy another one... FAT CHANCE
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Re: Neato dead - my vacuum os stuck please visit Web support

Postby kierachapman » March 11th, 2014, 10:52 am

Hi everyone

Neato has stopped working! When I start him off, the motor starts, and then I hear something else (the fan??) start. He moves a tiny bit - and then stops. An error message appears that says 'My vacuum is stuck - please refer to web support'. Web support doesn't seem to have any info.

:( :( :(

I am in the UK and cannot return to the US under warranty.
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Re: Neato dead - my vacuum os stuck please visit Web support

Postby vic7767 » March 11th, 2014, 11:09 am

kierachapman wrote:I am in the UK and cannot return to the US under warranty.

Turn the Neato upside down, remove the bottom plate to expose the vacuum motor. Check for debris that may prevent the motor from turning. See if the motor will turn by hand. If things appear good then you may have a defective movement sensor within the vacuum motor. The motor can be replaced if defective.
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