Neato XV-14 - First Time User Questions

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Neato XV-14 - First Time User Questions

Postby Indashmp3 » November 26th, 2012, 8:59 am

I purchased the XV-14 at Costco yesterday. I used to own some version of Roomba a few years ago, but I took it back because it kept getting stuck under furniture. After unpackaging the XV-14, I set the base directly in the middle of an approx 15 FT long wall. I started on it's way, mapping the edges of the room before starting it's back and forth pattern. Our home has a very open floor plan, where "rooms" are separated by 6-8 foot thresholds as opposed to doorways. Although different floor surfaces (tile/wood/carpet) separate the rooms, there aren't really distinct rooms. Also, the home has many 45degree walls as opposed to simple right angles. So, after the XV-14 started on it's way, it began to go into the other areas. Initially it went into the bathroom when it seemed to want to go "home" to recharge. It was attempting to go "through" the wall to find its way back to the base. It ran out of juice, so I carried back to the base to recharge. One question I have is why it starts to clean the same room it started? You see, it didn't make it back to the base. So, if the unit has a problem (roller/battery) and it is returned to the base, how does it know what rooms it already did? Also this thing went under our dining room table and although didn't get stuck, kept maneuvering between the legs. It spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME going over and over the same areas. How do I ensure it gets to the far corner of the home?? Why does it say it will return max three times? What if can't complete my level in 3 passes? If I have to return it to the base, how does it know what rooms it already did? It seems that it doesn't and starts doing the same rooms over and over again??
ROUGH layout of floor. Open floorplan. Different shaded areas mean different floor surface. Carpet/wood/tile.
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Re: Neato XV-14 - First Time User Questions

Postby aziesemer2 » November 26th, 2012, 10:05 am

It'll resume the previously cleaning only if it successfully return to the base. It will not save the the current state if it die before get there.
Try putting the base in a more central room. You'll also have to identify the problematic places and do something to avoid the bot going there: increase the space so it can maneuver, reduce the space so it won't go there, use the magnetic strip...
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