Botvac Dock Sliding on Carpet

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Botvac Dock Sliding on Carpet

Postby glnc222 » November 16th, 2014, 9:20 pm

Additions to Botvac Dock Prevents Sliding on Slick Carpets

When placed on some carpet the Botvac dock, being lighter than the XV dock, gets shoved around by Botvac.

The quick fix is velcro on the baseboard and dock, in a crossing pattern vertical on baseboard, across on the dock.

A more flexible addition is carpet gripping prongs fitting tight in the bottom of the platform, turning and removable. 1/4" square dowel with #18 brads in 3/64 holes. Cut length with small bolt cutters as on electrical crimp tools.

Botvac Dock Underside

The dock tilts back unless braced above baseboards on walls. 1/2" square dowel pegs were used, shaved back at the ends to fit all the way into the dock back. For 1/2" base molding. Adjustable could use #6 screws into the pegs cut off flush with the back.

Botvac Dock Back
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