Securing Magnetic Boundary Strips to Hard Floors

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Securing Magnetic Boundary Strips to Hard Floors

Postby glnc222 » May 9th, 2015, 2:12 pm

[edit] For carpets, sewing pins can be pushed through the tape and carpet, through the backing.

If the mag strips slide too easily on hard floors and get pushed around, they can be stuck to the floor with tape, but not all tape is the same.
3M Command Adhesive removable glue hanger products include a velcro strip for picture hanging, in three sizes.
Unlike other tapes these will not damage the finish on walls so should be good for floors. They remove by stretching the foam tape, advanced tech.
Also at some office supply stores in the U.S.

Regular double-stick tapes can damage surfaces over long periods and the residue cannot be removed without solvents damaging the paint or varnish. The solution had been painter's masking tape on the surface and another tape on top. The 3M tape will adhere much stronger. The residue problem has long been known with a more expensive type of duck tape, Gaffer's Tape, for theater stage work (a gaffer works on rigging equipment). This may not be in a double sided form. The velcro tape also allows removing the mag strip with the tape still in place.

3M strips will be expensive compared to simpler tapes.
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