Neato keeps saying open bin and push button down to on

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Re: Neato keeps saying open bin and push button down to on

Postby grantb5 » February 28th, 2018, 9:53 pm

This is my second time with the problem. My factory battery lasted a year, this one from Morpilot on Amazon lasted 6 months. I guess that's what you get for $30. If I can psych the unit into running it actually does a somewhat functional clean, but the song and dance to make it charged enough to clean is very annoying.
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Re: Neato keeps saying open bin and push button down to on

Postby oscahie » March 5th, 2019, 8:58 pm

Just a quick note to corroborate what someone said in a previous page: that fat-looking on/off switch *can* fail! I took apart my Neato D75 for some unrelated maintenance (side brush's belt needed replacement), and after putting everything back together and giving it some thorough vacuuming on the inside with the regular vacuum cleaner (pet hair everywhere :roll:), the Neato wasn't working. It wouldn't turn on at all unless it was on the charging station, and upon doing that it would just power up and shortly afterwards it'd complain with the "push switch down" error.

I checked with the NeatoControl tool and the battery was reporting 13.5V, so the power was reaching the circuit board, but for some reason it wasn't really powering the robot. If I'd separate it from the charging station it'd power off immediately. Nothing appeared to be damaged in the circuit board, and I had been relatively careful in my handling. That on/off switch certainly didn't look like something that would break easily, but before giving up and sending it for repair, I thought why not check quickly the continuity with the multimeter... and sure enough, that little sucker was not letting the current through on the ON position! :shock:

Luckily I was able to repair it easily (otherwise I'd have just bridged the contacts TBH). Not sure if it was just dirt inside it, or that the little metallic piece inside the switch that makes the contact between the terminals somehow got in the wrong position. Anyway, I just disassembled the switch by removing its metallic housing helped by an exacto blade, took the little metal piece out, cleaned it, put it back in and closed the whole thing again. And the robot came back to life! :clap: :dance:
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