Neato botvac connected vs neato botvac D5

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Neato botvac connected vs neato botvac D5

Postby jorgeli » August 9th, 2017, 12:30 am

Hi there
I have a Neato Connected for 2 years and working just great with very good cleaning characteristics
Now i purchased a Neato D5 connected for upstairs.
It is very good but i am feeling that my connected downstairs is bigger suction power then D5?

If i look at spec it should be the same?
Is there somebody that can tell me if it really is a difference?
I am very satisfied with both robots performence , buth just a thought :)
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Re: Neato botvac connected vs neato botvac D5

Postby glnc222 » August 9th, 2017, 1:13 pm

If the factory does not give any specs like air watts, it is up to users to measure suction power, and I don't have those models to test. A $5 anemometer can measure the air flow, and some indirect indications can be obtained over USB.

The fan current, divided by the intake area (same on all the Botvacs) is suggestive of any difference (on Botvac's the specific labeled fan current item I found misleading, and the increase in total system current upon turning on the fan is needed). There can also be changes in efficiency of the suction fans, but probably previously done with the original Botvac line where improvement was noticed. Robots with substantially more suction may have larger batteries for it, as in the Dyson and Samsung robots, one reason more expensive. See thread "electronic filter monitoring".

With the battery compartment the same size in all the Botvac's it would seem unlikely any substantial change occurred. If the run time was greatly increased it might be at the expense of suction power.

There is a smaller battery in the D3 for shorter run time, which can be almost trippled with the larger D5 battery usable in the D3, oriented towards smaller spaces.
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