Neato XV21 - Out of options?

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Re: Neato XV21 - Out of options?

Postby glnc222 » April 22nd, 2018, 7:07 pm

I think the files for the Neato Updater program instead of Vorwerk, posted by Medtech, were for the newer Rev64 Binky system board only. The Rev113 files are in the Vorwerk method posts. Rev113 and 64 are not compatible with a cpu upgrade on the 64. The Rev113 software goes only to v3.2 compared to 3.4 on Rev64, but I do not think any of their tweaks are important. The major addition is in v30 with the "corner cleaver" enhanced corner cleaning behavior. Earlierthey had addressed some docking connection issues by adding a more elaborate backing procedure with wiggling to get a good connection, but I don't know if already in v2.6.
The updater programs are script driven terminal emulators with script files referencing code files for updating, with various procedures including programmed delays and what not, likely different for each system. Important that code files are stored in the right place for the scripts.

I think flashing has to be done battery power because the power switching software is getting modified. So the battery must be good and fully charged.

Flashing the Flashing the firmware is risky as it is performed by the robot, and if that part of the firmware or comm gets damaged it cannot be fixed.
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