Neato D3 connected stops after 15 minutes

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Neato D3 connected stops after 15 minutes

Postby defcon » June 2nd, 2018, 11:49 am

Hi all,
I've a D3 connected and it worked well till today.
Now it stops in the middle of cleaning and sounds like a restart after few seconds, then it remains in the same position and I have to press the button or the app start command or it remains there.

After one or two restarts, he freeze with solid red and solid green lights and I should hard reset it.
In some cases he asked me to put it on the recharging base to continue but i doesn't charge to the full but i restarts at about 30% of battery.

it sounds strange, could it be a battery issue?
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Re: Neato D3 connected stops after 15 minutes

Postby wtrtwnguy » Yesterday, 11:48 pm

My Neato D3 does the same thing. Stops mid cycle, reboots and then just sits there. Tech support from Amazon said to return it. Waiting to hear from Neato. Wonder if the last firmware update went wrong.
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Re: Neato D3 connected stops after 15 minutes

Postby JEfromCanada » Today, 3:43 am

FYI, I bought my Botvac 80 from Amazon and had to return it under their warranty. The first time it came back, it was exactly as shipped - with the fault still there. I sent it back again, and this time, they fixed it properly. A bit of a protracted transaction, but ultimately satisfactory.
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