Neato D80 seems a bit lost

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Neato D80 seems a bit lost

Postby boggie1688 » July 24th, 2018, 12:50 am

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here, and have two D80s. The d80 for the main part of the house runs 5x a week, and after about a year and half it appears to be failing. First it was the battery, which was replaced. Then slowly I it was showing signs of a bad lidar motor. Finally the brush motor assembly seized.

I bought a used brush motor assembly on ebay, and also a new lidar motor. I pulled all the parts, replaced them, and after a quick charge the d80 worked, sort of.

It comes of the charger and starts to move but its not the same as before. It can't draw lines or follow straight edges of the wall. It kinda bumps around and when in the center of the room it makes course changes a lot.

I'm not exactly sure what is going on, I pulled the unit apart 5 times today check and checking, but I don't see anything wrong. I thought maybe the firmware got corrupted but can't find a copy of 1.2.1 to flash on.

Could this be a possible symptom of a bad lidar unit? Or maybe a bad belt?

Anyone have some insight?
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Re: Neato D80 seems a bit lost

Postby boggie1688 » July 24th, 2018, 3:03 am

Think I may have solved it.

I found a few threads on the neato connect. Plugged the neato in and tested the lidar. The image it produced was right for 2 seconds then would go blank, then become correct again. I thought perhaps this was a bad lidar, and started searching for threads about this same issue.

I came across a thread about reversing motor polarity and how if the motor spun the wrong way the lidar image would be incorrect. Another thread mentioned that the lidar unit should spin counter clock wise. Connected the neato and ran the scan with the lidar protector off so I could watch the rotation. Wrong way, it was spinning clock wise. For the 6th time today, I pulled neato apart, and disconnected the 2 pin jumper for the lidar motor. I lifted the plastic tabs, pulled out the crimped wires and switch them. Fired the neato back up, tested the lidar image, and BAM constant image.

Neato is on the charger now. I'll let it do its thing in the morning and surprise the lady.

Thanks for all the threads from previous D80 owners. AND HUGE THANK TO WHOEVER WROTE NEATO CONNECT!
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