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A couple of D5 Connected issues..

October 17th, 2018, 11:58 pm

I have a D5 connected, tile floors and very hairy dogs. I have 2 issues at the moment:

1) The cover over the brush is apparently rubbing on the tile floor and is getting worn down pretty severely. I have contacted Neato support while it was under warranty and they replaced the cover but did not offer any explanation as to why it was happening. Does anyone have an idea as to why and what to do about it?

2) One of the rear rollers keeps getting hair wound around it and it is very difficult to get it off. How do you remove the rollers to clean them?

Here are some pics showing the issues.

Re: A couple of D5 Connected issues..

November 28th, 2018, 3:57 pm

Your tiles where neato is cleaning most of the time are probably too tough and grindy
So it eat the plastic (front and back rollers, grill, gear cover)very fast compare to regular tiles or wood floor
Few moore months of use and your back rollers will be consumed complytly and the big base will be dragging on the floor. send some photo of the tiles from close look.

Re: A couple of D5 Connected issues..

November 28th, 2018, 5:02 pm

I have the same wear on my Neato's. My floor type is called "Siergrind". see picture for closeup: https://www.irista.com/gallery/3fde6qxk8p1t
Beside the excessive wear it is also very noisy with the hard plastic wheels on the Neato.
I solved this by replacing the standard hard plastic wheels for Silicone beads! 2x on the back and 2x on the guide plate.
Les noise and will last for more than a year.

You also need a kind of axle to put in the beads that will fit on the default shaft. Mine is longer than the width of the bead and this helps to decrease the hairs getting stuck in that place.

To remove the hairs that get stuck on the wheels you really need to remove them. For that you need to open and dismantle the complete Neato. Take out all his inner parts to reach them on the bottom plate.
(Except for the XV-series there you can unscrew the bottom plate)

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