Botvac D85 blinking orange as if charging. But NOT on dock

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Botvac D85 blinking orange as if charging. But NOT on dock

Postby TechGuy » February 6th, 2019, 10:59 pm

I am working on a Botvac D85 with the following symptoms:
1. Blinking orange Home button as if it is charging. But it is no on the charging dock.
2. It will not be shutdown. Error message saying it is beginning charged. Botvac D85 does not have charging jack. Therefore, it is not related to the XV series with side charging jack.

I repaired a few XV series with the same symptoms by replacing the D14 diode.

I took a closer look on the Botvac D85. It has the same B540 diode D14. But the D14 diode is working fine. I found another diode B540 D5 nearby failed shorted. I replaced the D5 with a good D540. Now, the Home button is solid green and it failed to charge the battery.

Anyone have experience fixing the charging issue on Botvac D85.
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Re: Botvac D85 blinking orange as if charging. But NOT on do

Postby glnc222 » February 8th, 2019, 1:29 am

When experimenting with DIY LiFePo4 batteries in XV models (other thread), I encountered a situation where leakage of voltage back into the charging contacts would put the software into charging mode, with false dock detection (I was adding an over-voltage protection feature disconnecting the charger, so messing with all that circuitry). The charging circuits on the Botvac have not been traced as a former member did for XV system boards, but they have to be similar in that some Mosfet switches and diodes handle redirecting power to and from the battery and charging contacts in different operating states, running vs charging etc. Something wrong with any of those components could be at fault. The same phenomenon I think is covered under the XV diode D14 problem.

As the software is responding to a voltage measurement made on the charging contacts anything wrong with the metering circuit or cpu analog input could also be at fault but might produce all sorts of other observable effects. No reports have ever been posted about defects in this part of the system.

The orange indicator is for charging in the initial phase before the charge reaches a level sufficient for one room, and charging continues with the blinking green light, until solid green for full charge (though with NiMh batteries, a follow on "topping off" low current phase continues, in the convoluted procedure for those cells compared to lithium batteries with a simple voltage limit; Neato does not use the 2nd, constant voltage phase of optimal lithium charging sometimes used, and just adapts its constant current charger to voltage control instead of heat used on NiMh). To get the charger to work it was sometimes necessary to insure the battery was initially mostly discharged, with the software supplied, to avoid premature terminations.

There is also an undocumented Red color indication which is for critical battery error of severely over-discharged batteries, which may quickly turn to orange when charging. A USB "critical battery error" msg is also issued. The bot will run on the dock without the battery installed, also getting this indication (along with suppression of operating commands requiring working off the dock...but USB communications works).
The Red condition can be encountered normally when the Neato is stopped when running on some error or trap and left for very long periods, as the cpu continues to operate vs completely shutting down; there appears to be no battery protection feature at least in the NiMh mode (lithium batteries need more protection because damage may not be limited to the battery itself, with the fire hazard they have).
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