Mainboard interchange between XV an VR100

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Mainboard interchange between XV an VR100

Postby Gode » March 6th, 2019, 10:10 pm

Hi, I own a neato XV-21 and a VR100, the latter being equipped with a side brush.
This brush suddenly ceased operation because the connector on the main board was dead (tested by neatocontrol - sidebrush motor and cable ok).

Since it seems to be quite different to repair the VR100 board, my idea is to take the XV-board which seems to have all the equipment needed to operate a side brush (at least, it has the connector on board), and put it inside the VR100.

The problem is that I need to kow how to change the configuration of the board to "SideBrushType,2,SIDE_BRUSH_VORWERK_REV1" (instead of "SideBrushType,1,SIDE_BRUSH_NONE").

If that worked, I could tabe the board from the XV to the VR100 (with sidebrush) an operate the defective VR100 board inside the XV (which would not "recognize" the missing sidebrush capability of the board)

My questions are now: Can anyone confirm that the XV mainboard is principally prepared to operate a sidebrush?
AND (still more difficult) does anyone have information about a way to tell the board that there is a sidebrush present?

Very much looking foreward to any helpful comment!

(Thanks for having read all these many words...)
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Re: Mainboard interchange between XV an VR100

Postby Lewiy » March 7th, 2019, 1:02 am

Try in test mode:
setconfig SideBrushType SIDE_BRUSH_VORWERK_REV1
setconfig SideBrushType 2.
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Re: Mainboard interchange between XV an VR100

Postby Gode » March 11th, 2019, 8:42 pm

Hi Lewiy

thanks for your hint!
Meanwhile, I had total success in transforming the XV mainboard into a VR100 by configuring

Everything's working fine - side brush included!

The XV has got the main board from the VR100 (with defechtive SideBrush function), and after adequate configuration, this guy now continues his work in the appartement.

Thanks for intercontinental cooperation!
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