Wear /// how does your neato look like?

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Wear /// how does your neato look like?

Postby Torbes » June 5th, 2019, 11:46 am

Hello Forum!

After nearly 2 years of every 2nd day use, my botvac d3 shows clear visible traces of his hard work.

Several deep scratches and little defects on the housing can be found..

So i started this thread to collect pictures of your little helpers with a short description how old your bots are and how many cycles (if you know) they were running...

Just to compare if in my (or your) case, the damages/wear are normal.

Im starting:

-Botvac D3-Connected

-1,75 years old

-approx 700 battery cycles

-Running every 2nd day

-maintenance (cleaning / disassembling brush etc) every month

Greetings, Tob.

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Re: Wear /// how does your neato look like?

Postby DaVec » June 13th, 2019, 7:30 am

G'day from Australia :)

I've browsed this forum in the past looking for Neato tips and troubleshooting, and just recently ended up back here again so I decided this was a good point to register and share in the posting.

I have a Neato Botvac 80, known as 'Kari' (because to clean both storeys of our house, I carry her up the stairs and carry her down). It was purchased in September 2014, but I've only just got it working again after a year out of action.

For most of the first three years I had it running daily in our main living room to keep the dust and pet hair under control, but coming into 2018 it started to give vision errors due to lidar not spinning up. I took the bot apart for cleaning and to replace the belts (O rings), but I went too far while disassembling the lidar, and inadvertently took out the screws that hold the optics assembly in place. I guess it went out of focus/calibration because after putting it all back together the bot seemed to be unable to navigate, only wander incoherently. Checking the LDS with NeatoControl showed the return image to be patchy so it looked like I'd stuffed it.

I despaired of fixing my mistake, but 12 months ago I won on ebay a broken Botvac D85. The plan ostensibly was to use it for parts, but I then vacillated about whether I might fix and use this newer bot. Well, its problems look more deeply-rooted than I first thought (power issue on the mainboard), so at last I went ahead and transplanted the D85's LDS into my original Botvac 80 this week, and it now knows where it's going and can clean a space properly again :D

Anyway that's the story. Aside from the LDS drama and a few consumables I've been impressed with just how stoicly this little bot soldiers on. The outer case shows some mild scuffs and scars but it's the underbody wear that tells the story I feel, with the rear rollers and brush guard significantly ground down. Also the left side wheel worked the mounting screw loose and has chewed into the plastic of the wheel well (I originally thought it just had a piece of chalk lodged in there it was grinding up).

- Botvac 80 'Kari'

- 4.75 years old (~3.5yrs in service)

- Running mostly daily in one room (~3yrs)

- Brush cleaned and detangled with every second or third bin full

- Replaced battery once, brush bearing two or three times

- Replaced LDS from D85 & left-side bumper switches

I was excited to read here about the ESP8266 wifi/neatoscheduler.com project, so there may be a conversion in the near future. I also just purchased another broken D85 cheap off ebay to play with (I may have a problem). First though I still have to tweak Kari's front bumper, as I discovered the left-side switches don't work and the bumper contacts have worn divots and don't trigger reliably anymore.
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Re: Wear /// how does your neato look like?

Postby Torbes » June 18th, 2019, 5:50 am

Wow! Nice to read that you were able to revive your bot :-) It looks like it's still in pretty good condition so it would have been a shame if you'd put it out of service.... well done ;-)

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