neato XV signature suddenly doing weird things

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neato XV signature suddenly doing weird things

Postby andrew881 » June 20th, 2019, 8:10 am

I have had this neato XV signature for years and always worked. In the last year i have been using it in a flat I rent on airbnb (here in Italy), and it helped me a lot in the cleaning process, almost every day. Now, yesterday I have had some chinese guys for just one night, nice people but left the house completely dirty with a strange "dust" on the ground, almost everywhere. I started the neato as usual, it started cleaning then stopped after 20 seconds, with the LCD screen showing the usual menu you get when you press the Pause button. When I went to scroll the options in the menu, the up/down lateral buttons worked, but the "select" button worked as an "up" button, very strangely. So i could not move properly in the menu and give it commands. I placed it back on the charging base, i also did the soft and hard reset and nothing worked. If i start the cleaning with the big round button, it starts and then stops after around 15/20 seconds, with the LCD on the Pause menu, withouth giving me any error. Also, sometimes it moves inside the menu on its own. My idea is that some dust could have gone under the buttons so it presses them suddenly ...
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Re: neato XV signature suddenly doing weird things

Postby glnc222 » June 20th, 2019, 10:55 pm

My recollection (I do not have the unit anymore) is the LCD display buttons are enclosed tact switch buttons (similar to the bumper switches), which can wear out or need cleaning (though not made to do so; you have to open them up). They are inexpensive to replace. The panel works with a single line to the cpu delivering a different voltage for each button, read by an analog cpu input measuring voltage, using a network of resistors connected to the switches. So anything wrong with one switch can easily appear as some other switch. Plus all sorts of phantom pushes might be registered, tests would be needed to know.
These buttons can be compared to the dust bin closure button entirely different, an unenclosed, open structure with a conductive rubber plunger onto contact pattern on a circuit board, which can be cleaned with alcohol when needed.
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