LIDAR works on Botvac Connected, NOT on Botvac D80

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LIDAR works on Botvac Connected, NOT on Botvac D80

Postby TechGuy » June 28th, 2019, 2:14 am

I am working on 2 Botvac D80 with "Please press OKAY to continue (3000)" issue.

Both Botvac D80 LIDARs are working fine on my Botvac Connected. But not working on these two Botvac D80.
My Botvac Connected LIDAR is working fine on these two Botvac D80s.

I use NeatoControl to test these two D80 LIDARs. Both D80 LIDARs spin and do not show any object on the scan.
But both D80 LIDARs show objects on my Botvac Connected.

Botvac D80 uses a 12v NiMH battery. Botvac Connected uses a 14.4v Li-Ion battery.

Any idea what is the problem with these two Botvac D80 LIDARs.

May be the source of problem are located on the motherboard of these 2 Botvac D80!
Then, why my Connected LIDAR works on these two D80?
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Re: LIDAR works on Botvac Connected, NOT on Botvac D80

Postby glnc222 » June 30th, 2019, 9:54 pm

Obviously difficult to analyze given differences both between different firmware systems in the D and Connected models, and between different lidar models.
Perhaps analyzing the signaling between the system board and the lidars would reveal something as the lidar is a "smart" component with a serial interface, whose protocol was published at one time (many vacuums were bought just to remove the lidar for other purposes, as Neato would not sell them separately). The Mods & Repairs list top of forum references external means of operating the lidar outside the robot:
Commercial Lidar Test Instrument "LIDAR RPM and PWM reports"
Arduino DIY lidar interface
Raspberry Pi lidar interface
When first introduced over a dozen years ago, Neato ran a promotional contest to hack the lidar interface protocol.
Now parts to make similar lidars independently are sold, just not as compact. They are basically parallax range finders, using camera sensors to measure the angle for triangulation (how they can work at such close range, compared to speed of light timing radar).
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