Braava 320 charging issue

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Braava 320 charging issue

Postby jackjoy » February 5th, 2017, 8:58 am

Any advice on this would be very very appreciated !
I got a as new 320 which would only run for 30 seconds on a "full charge ". I bought a non genuine new replacement battery, charged it and it worked for 15 mins before it was flat. I then left it to charge for over 24 hours and finally the light was blue, but this time it ran for maximum 5 mins.
It's been charging since yesterday afternoon & the power light is still blinking red.
The charger is the genuine Irobot one that came in the box.
The charger is giving out 12.23v on the multi meter.
Has anyone else had a similar problem ?
Very grateful for any suggestions !
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