Braava Jet 240 Virtual Wall

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Braava Jet 240 Virtual Wall

Postby Estarter » May 14th, 2017, 12:38 pm

Has anyone else have issues with the 240 for ignoring the virtual wall barrier when it's cleaning after awhile? When I first bought the unit it worked great, I set up the virtual wall and sent it on it's way and when it was done it would stop fairly close in where it started from. After 6 months, now it ignores the barrier and wonders off to clean my carpets. I have done resets and a reboots, still having the problem. I was in touch with Irobot and they right away agreed something is wrong and sent a new unit.

I have the new 240 that was shipped and put it to the test. Well it is doing the exact same thing. I gave it a couple of runs and doing the reset and reboot with no success. Phoned Irobot and gave them the bad news, now it has been given to the head techs to figure out.

For fun I decided to go to Best Buy and buy another 240 to see what it would do. Can you guess.......same cleans great, just ignores the virtual wall. I returned it after a couple of days trying the usual and spoke to the manager. He told me this is the 5th one that has been brought back in 3 weeks for the same issue.

I'm guess now and I may be wrong about this.....firmware problem.


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Re: Braava Jet 240 Virtual Wall

Postby kondi » May 19th, 2017, 3:05 pm

The virtual wall is very unreliable of my brand new Jet 240. Only works if the area is small and nice rectangle shaped. If there are obstacles and/or the area is big, or not rectangular, then the navigation is very stupid and the robot ends up far from the virtual wall baseline. So for things like protecting from fireplace or not let him out of your flat, you
can not trust this system at all. A light beam based virtual wall like roomba has is a far better solution.

I thought this is the problem of the design and the algorithm irobot implemented. Without cameras and proper sensors I understand it can not detect reliable where is it exactly in a non-trivial scenario. Therefore I did not think of returning it or calling their service. Now I wonder if I should complain.

So to sum up, in my case this is a week old unit and the virtual wall was not reliable from the very first use.
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