$99 One step at a time Braava 380t Saga

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$99 One step at a time Braava 380t Saga

Postby leonicholson » January 14th, 2018, 12:24 am

Having two excellent 595 Roombas, I became curious about mopping robots. Being more curious about the thing than actually using it, I purchased a used one on Ebay with minimal investment ($45). The unit I bought came only with the sweeping pad, but I already had a suitable charger.

It would not charge, but a new Ebay battery ($13) solved that.
The tires were loose, but super glue solved that.

Now that the unit was working, I tried it with Swifter Wet Cloths on the sweeper pad and was surprised at how well the thing actually worked. My wife thought it just another of my "toys", until it mopped our kitchen and our large bathroom. Now she likes it.

At this point, I added an Amazon used navigation cube ($22) and an Ebay Pro-Clean Reservoir ($19) and really began to appreciate its complexity. It works great on our stained concrete floors.

The thing is actually practical (and a pretty neat toy) :)
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