News 2017: Samsung POWERbot VR7000

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Re: News 2017: Samsung POWERbot VR7000

Postby rabidrobet » March 19th, 2017, 9:09 pm

piokrza wrote:
rabidrobet wrote:Ebon (Ebony?)

I think they wrote 'Airborne'

Oh, right. Given one of my previous occupations, I should have known that.
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Re: News 2017: Samsung POWERbot VR7000

Postby piokrza » March 23rd, 2017, 10:55 am

Samsung Powerbot VR7000 sth korean official commercial 2017
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Re: News 2017: Samsung POWERbot VR7000

Postby glnc222 » Yesterday, 2:10 pm

Korean website shows animated pictures of hair cutter operation, feeding sideways with spiral brush

Korean language user manual PDF file -- browser translator does not access the PDF text. (specifications for carpet depth and threshold height limits will be in this manual; the 9350 had increased the height limit, has larger wheels)
Other languages should appear when wider distribution is started later in the year.

File too big for translators and most tools, unless pro Acrobat bought. Download and split into parts by page ranges into separate files free with (takes the large file). Then translate each part with Google translator web page. Also good job with
I will try and locate the fine print parts with the fine points of specifications.
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Re: News 2017: Samsung POWERbot VR7000

Postby glnc222 » Yesterday, 7:47 pm

Threshold Height

Page 5 of the Korean manual -- always in the manual section on different models for "Charging" (warning about not blocking return to base...)
VR7000 height 1.5cm same as older 9000 powerbots, despite smaller 3 inch wheels. The 9350 model added flexible wheel treads higher traction with the 9000 series 4 inch wheels raising height to 2.0cm.

Carpet Pile Height

Under "Safety Precautions" in manuals, p23ff Korean manual.
1cm specified same as other Powerbots. No loss from smaller wheels than the larger 9000 series.
This spec always seems very conservative; I suspect the large models at least can go on deeper carpets, but depends on the type of textile (shag rugs especially difficult for robots, reported many years).
I have just observed the 9000 Powerbot working on previously impossible fluffy bath rugs, maybe because dry in cold winter weather.

Samsung seems to be the only brand which tries to specify such limitations, which at least shows they are aware of the issue. Maybe it is just having different lawyers. So much of the manual with dumb warnings: "don't try to eat your robot without enough mustard".

bumper side

My concern remains the length of the side bumper, which required an extension mod on the 9000. The side shape is a little better on the 7000, but the 9000 was observed tightly circling furniture legs at some times, hitting the leg behind the side bumper, in that indentation in the case. It did not stop the robot so much as get the side tilted up to trigger the wheel extension sensor for lifting off the floor, possibly an effect of the larger 9000 wheels and faulty weight balance (before counter weights added in the 9350 -- if they even work).
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