Powerbot on Cantilever Chair problem

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Powerbot on Cantilever Chair problem

Postby glnc222 » February 5th, 2019, 11:24 am

A Neato forum thread shows how the bumper on these robots needs to be made lower to avoid getting trapped climbing the runner legs of cantilever chairs such as a scandinavian style from Ikea furniture.
The larger 9000 series Powerbot with the larger 4 inch wheels at least, does not get stuck on these -- I would have doubts about the smaller 7000 series with 3 inch wheels similar to other brands.
What happened with this Powerbot was it could not pass over the wood strips on the floor, but would climb onto them and then back off without getting stuck. The thicker side strips can even engage the bumper at least some times. It could clean under the chair similar to other tight spaces, which do have minimum widths to allow maneuvering in the simplistic method of all these robots (lacking memory of how they got into tight spots, so as to back out); they like to spin around so always moving forward where all the sensors are mounted).
[edit] The Powerbot still needs additions for other furniture problems (as all the robots seem to do in my experience with both Roomba and Neato besides Samsung) e.g. thread on bumper addition
Powerbot 9250 on Ikea Cantilever Chair
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