Samsung Navibot or Roomba?

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Re: Samsung Navibot or Roomba?

Postby LinLin » December 3rd, 2012, 7:05 pm

That's so helpful! Thanks very much...

Now I am thinking that the Navibot is the best, as it won't disturb the dog and won't bump into him.
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Re: Samsung Navibot or Roomba?

Postby jimicorbet » December 25th, 2012, 1:55 am

If I understand correct you liked the robot but the vaccum function was not good enough for you? You said it collected stuff in the dustbin of the robot, but did it leave so much behind? As I read, the mapping technology worked ok, but you found it did not cleaning enough?
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Re: Samsung Navibot or Roomba?

Postby Totololo » April 8th, 2013, 3:13 am

Sorry to answer after such a long time.
I still use my Navibot everyday.

It's perfectly fine if you're happy with your Roomba !
I find a bit strange the problem about dogs, would't they naturally leave the room and let the robot work ? I guess the would be afraid or just annoyed by this strange noisy device !

For me, lifting some stuffs makes just the cleaning more efficient, because no robot is capable of cleaning under boxes, shoes, bags, bottle packs ... Please keep in mind that my flat is small and overflowed with too many stuff, so the floor is often full of things in some spots ...

My place is really far from empty, and the robot is efficient.

efodix wrote:To be honest, this seems much worse than a Roomba. I have a Roomba 770 and aside from point 3, it doesn't suffer from any of these issues. I have 2 dogs and it would be kinda hard to make them stay out of the way during the cleaning cycle, especially since I have it on schedule to clean every day while I'm away at work.

If I have to lift off the chairs, chase my dogs to the yard and listen to them squeal in front of the door wanting to get back inside, and make sure nothing moves in the house, I might as well do the vacuuming myself...

Reading this, I guess Samsung is OK for flat, empty spaces (ideal scenario for every robot cleaner), but in real life you simply can't beat Roomba's "stupid" random bounce algorithm. Machines are simply not smart enough to always flawlessly cover complex spaces, so the stochastic method that Roomba uses makes it get to places which other robots might constantly miss. Sure the downside is that it takes longer to clean and might occasionally miss a spot. But since I'm not at home while it cleans, I don't really care how long it all lasts, and since it runs every day even if it misses a spot one day it probably won't miss that same spot the next.
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Re: Samsung Navibot or Roomba?

Postby RpM » May 24th, 2015, 5:50 am

My sister has allso bought a Navibot and it's having the same wierd issue where a fully charged battery gets depleted right after the bot leaves the charging station :think: .
We have tried chainging the battery (to org. samsung battery) which did give it abit of extra run time but after using it a few times it started getiing depletted by the bot aswell. :x

so wtf is up with this fairly expensive robot :?:
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