Powerbot Battery Life

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Powerbot Battery Life

Postby glnc222 » October 20th, 2018, 7:22 pm

So I just replaced a Powerbot 9200 lithium battery after 400 recharge cycles, hefty 77wh 3600mah at 21.6v. About $175, and had to be ordered by distributor from Korea, non-stock item, 6 weeks U.S. delivery. While pricey compared to say, Neato batteries, they have a higher capacity and higher drain support -- up to 8 amps in the high power fan mode. Maybe some premium for the brand, major battery supplier to industry (they make them, not just acquire). I think that mode actually reduces lifetime and some use in that mode early on may have shortened the life in this case, as some loss of run time in that mode (only that mode) was observed in the past. Used 2 1/2 years, frequently running. By 400 charges the unit started taking a 2nd charge to clean the space previously done in a half hour or so on one charge. The new battery did the whole carpeted area (which increases drive wheel load) in 39 minutes on one charge -- spec 1hr capacity (in high power mode only half an hour -- double loading).
The newer, smaller 7000 series battery could be a little smaller, cost a bit less but not much.
U.S. source Samsungparts.com; different distributors in other countries.
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