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Consumer Reports Ratings

Postby glnc222 » November 9th, 2018, 8:43 pm

Nov. 2018. Samsung is highlighting an early 2018 rating of many brands by Consumer Reports, table at
where Samsung's 7065 smaller Powerbot is top rated with a score of 90. Oddly the higher end, more expensive 9350 is rated much lower at 75. Newest Roomba's are close to the Powerbot with Neato's latest much lower.
Very oddly the main deficient category for the 9350 is carpet cleaning compared to the 7065 (I have a 9000 series just for the advantages on carpet, with performance extensively documented in other threads here).
The intake and cleaning mechanism of the two models is virtually the same, with the difference being in a smaller bin on the 7000's to allow a lower profile to fit under more furniture.
More is revealed by what CR means by carpet cleaning performance:
Shows how much surface litter (cereal, rice, sand, and pet hair) the vacuum picked up from a medium pile carpet.

As I have reported and examined with measurements over long periods, surface litter has nothing much to do with cleaning carpets which embed dirt in the pile, requiring the high power of regular vacuums to extract. The low power battery operation of robot vacuums keeps the dirt building up if used frequently. To measure carpet performance, the extraction is weighed with a jewelry/chemistry gram scale, and the left-over extracted by a full size vacuum measured to see what is missed. Consumer Reports does none of this.
CR's approach is a little "quick and dirty", pun not intended.

I often see comments to the effect Powerbot navigation is poor compared to other brands, but CR found no such difference. It is not clear what commentators always mean by navigation performance, in the first place.
At the same time, certain weaknesses with Powerbot 9000's at least, getting trapped unless modified with some bumper improvements, cannot be detected in normal use without many runs to hit the particular situation where traps occur against furniture legs -- so not likely observed by Consumer Reports.

Visit a library to see CR's full reports without subscribing.
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