Business Computer Failures revealed

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Business Computer Failures revealed

Postby glnc222 » January 31st, 2017, 2:55 am

Delta airlines had their flight operations computer system go down for hours end of January 2017, one of several such events across industries over years. An interesting tidbit showed up in the news: "An inspection later revealed that 300 of its 7,000 servers weren’t wired to backup power. When the servers on dual-power sources came back on, the 300 didn’t, causing the entire system to crash." Seems robots are not the only things needing better quality control. I must be naive to think such a large organization could not do a better job on such critical systems (with more resources than on mere management information systems, accounting etc.) Blame bureaucracy? One hopes the military at least does it better. There used to be a thing called "fault tolerant systems". Something's gotten lost over the years. Too many servers... Whatever happened to the supposed advantages in reliability of distributed systems? Phone companies seem to be able to do it.
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Re: Business Computer Failures revealed

Postby CleanMe » January 31st, 2017, 11:39 am

I agree. Delta seems to have done a very poor job at maintaining their systems and protecting their business.

"Delta says the company's failure to back up power to all of its servers went undetected until Monday's power failure, which caused the airline to cancel more than 2000 flights by Wednesday afternoon. Delta says it is addressing what it calls "dated" infrastructure issues, and has spent $1 billion per year to update its technology."

I seriously doubt the fact that 300 servers had no backup power went undetected. It had to have been a known issue that was simply not addressed - for whatever reason. (Adding backup power to those 300 servers would have been a modest expense.) Their IT Dept. must all have gray hair, as they surely knew that IF the system ever went down due to a power disruption, it would not come back up on backup power alone - because key components had no backup power.

The most interesting aspect of this information is that it shows Delta apparently does not conduct failover tests. That is - They do not conduct failover tests on a system upon which their whole business is reliant upon. I didn't see any data, but this incident must have cost them hundreds of millions in current and future revenue.

What if a fire, power surge, etc. rendered their server farm at the current location useless? I would have thought a data intensive business like an airline would have fully redundant rollover systems at an alternate location.
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