READ FIRST! Hacking Information for Roomba/Scooba/Create

Inside the Roomba and Scooba and more, Cool mods, Repair and Upgrades - including the all new iRobot Create Kit. Let's void that warranty baby!

READ FIRST! Hacking Information for Roomba/Scooba/Create

Postby robotreviews » July 11th, 2006, 11:45 am

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Here are some helpful links to some of the most popular threads that might answer your Robotic Hacking question(s):

Generally Applicable SCI Information:

I've built Tod's miniDIN, SCI to RS232 converter, but can't make it work. What may be wrong?

Modifying Various Designs Of Charging PSUs To Work With 220VAC - 240VAC Mains:

4XXX/4XX Fast Charger, 5XX-Series PSUs, and Scooba PSUs

Mod for new Scooba Power Supply - 240v

Mod roomba 560 charger to 220~240V


Roomba 5xx 9 Beep Fix (Thanks to Avi99911for creating this page)

What mods have been done to the 5XX VWLH assembly?

Roomba 5xx Series Service manual/Diagnostic Modes

Roomba 5xx Series Taking Apart The Cleaning Head Module (CMH)

Roomba 5xx Series Dis-assembly (Courtesy of Member Vic7767).

Roomba 5xx Series Check Robot Light Codes

iROBOT ROOMBA 2xxx-4xxx and 4xx:

What has been done with VWUs to build, wall-mount, or 120VAC-power them?

Black_64's "Roomba Status" program has been sucked into the vortex, where can I find it?

I want to tap into raw battery voltage at the SCI's miniDIN connector, is there any limitation on current I can draw from its sockets?

Roomba Discovery 4xxx series Diagnostic & Dis-assembly Procedures

Roomba Discovery 4xxx Series Mission Light , Indicator Light and Beep Codes

Roomba Discovery 4xxx Series Solution To Button Problem

Roomba Discovery 4xxx Series Firmware Date

Roomba 4xxx Born Date and Related Information

Roomba Original Series (2xxx-3xxx) Articles (by SwiftRacer)

iROBOT SCOOBA 58xx-59xx and 3xx:

Does Scooba have SCI capabilities?

Scooba 59xx Series Technical Information (By Gordon Plews)

Scooba 59xx Series Diagnostic Procedures (By Gordon Plews)

Scooba 58xx and 59xx : OSMO Update Information

iRobot Create:

Please feel free to suggest other topics that should be included in this post, or anything else that you'd like to see included here.


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